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Hello all, I am new here and hope to find an answer or two if possible.
My 1997 dodge neon saga: I hope to get 1 or 2 more years out of her - please! The following repairs have been done: 2001: head gasket, water pump & timing belt. 2003, total overhaul of a/c system, 5 months ago: radiator fans, (total tune-up) and brakes and tires. It started overheating about 1 month ago but only when the a/c is engaged, we replaced the radiator, hoses, cap and thermostat also the accessory belt and whatever belt runs the power steering. The car runs fine regardless if city or highway - no overheating - but when the a/c is engaged within about 20 minutes it starts to edge up temperature wise. I am totally vexed, it does not leak fluid, the fans are wired to run whenever the engine is on, I have taken out the thermostat upon suggestion. Please help with some other suggestions and hopefully something will work.

Thank you...Anja

posted by  anja

check the coolant level rad and overflow jug.
with the thermostat out you are not giving the rad a chance to cool the coolant in the rad your just allowing it to cuirculate and get hotter than normal
with a thermostat in place the flow is stopped or restricted to allow the rad to cool the coolant
what was the rated temp on the thermostat you may of had a 190/195 deg therm(winter)try a lower rating if you live in hotter climates maybe 180 or 160 deg
also the gauges on this car should be similiar to the 95 neons my buddies gauge goes to around the 3/4 mark fans start and cools down to half
my 99 caravan will just reach the 3/4 as well and cool down below the half mark
and both have 190/195 deg thermostats as i live in canada cold winters but have no problems on hot summer days

posted by  osborste

personally this is what i would do to save money
forget the AC and just open the windows

posted by  6000LE

that has nothing to do with it overheating. my car's A/C does not work, AKA does not have a belt on the compressor(mainly because i'm too lazy to check the system pressure-tested and filled, and because there's only two months of summer in Canada lol), and it will still overheat(it has before, not lately thank god)

posted by  dodgerforlife

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