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I have a 1987 ford escort gl

I want to give it a complete makeover, but for pretty cheep.

I want know if there is some cool little mods that i could do myself that you guys might know

I want help to know where to go to get better parts for my car and for good prices:

Paint job: Earl Scheib - $499
air conditioning: ???
Spoiler: ???
New Tires and Rims: ???
Air intake: ???
New exhaust pipe: ???
new lights: ???
Seat covers: ???
New C.D. player: ???
Sound system: ???

What is the diference between a woofer and and amp?

Can i do any of those mods myself?
How much will this cost me?
oh and the whole inside of the car is red, is there a way to change that, it is a major diss.

Here is a Pic in my sig

posted by  techguy41

Come on guys, help me out

posted by  techguy41

get the escort GT... the set it up for rally... or just put on some stiff suspension, drop in the GT motor, and rally status it

posted by  mazda6man

1. its a grandma's car :2cents: lol
2. a subwoofer is a speaker, an amp(ie amp = amplifier) is not
3. if u dont kno that much then u have lots to learn about cars lol

mayb try findin a newer escort? one with more potenial as mazda6man said

posted by  Mx3Kid

Yeh ummmm 4drs dont exactly have a reputation for do i say.....awsome looking cars. More for soccer moms and the elderly. But ied say eather A-get a body kit.B-sell it, buy a new car.C-......i guess your SOL :laughing: .

posted by  sandlercd_22

heres what i would do, you could get a set of those plastic 14 spinners from advanced auto or auto zone. tint the windows, get a walmart fart exhaust tip, throw on some graphics, youd probably have about 100 bucks in it. it would be a helluva grocery getter then!!!! :thumbs: :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

dont forget the cheap aluminum grill thats made to look like flames and the plastic glue on wing.

posted by  sandlercd_22

speaker stuff u could do ur self along with exhaust

posted by  Joe Celly

Sell it and get a newer escort atleast. They are very cheap with low mileage.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

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