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ok ive got a good one...... 1996 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L V8 Automatic trans.....

leaning against he counter in kitchen cutting cake and my truck jsut starts up out of no where i go outside doors are locked... remote allows me to unlock doors. Then put key in and it makes the terrible sound of restarting, once i touch the brake it just shuts off.... remote doesnt have a automatic start so could someone elses auto start set mine off... any input will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance nate

posted by  96zj

The spooky go brooooom brooooom and then it goes ka ching ka ching, but out of nowhere it go AHHHHH

posted by  99integra

oh, this is an easy one, you ever watch the movie maximum overdrive??

posted by  adamc44

never seen it...

posted by  96zj


as for it automatically starting, it is feasible that it could be a crossed frequency....

posted by  dodgerforlife

Badass movie :rock:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Does your car have an autostart feature? If so, it could be. I've always wanted to homebrew my own master remote that will broadcast on the entire freq. range with codes for many of the autostart systems.

I just haven't had time to research and build such a remote, I've seen some specs on the net however. Just always thought it would be fun to go to Walmart on a saturday and start as many cars as I can, and then watch people's faces when they come to their car.

posted by  Jon_K

as far as i know the truck does not have a auto start installed. where are the most likely places for a auto start to be located.

posted by  96zj

I think it's the electric system, cause I had this old TV, probably made in the early 80's, about 3 years ago. It would turn itself on and off all the time. Annoying as crap too cause that's I had my video games on. :banghead:

posted by  jedimario

ya know it would have been nice of the dealer to have told me that a remote start was installed on the truck.... one week old an di thought it was tripping out.

posted by  96zj

a '96 has a remote start?? Who the heck would put a remote start on a '96 Tahoe?

posted by  jedimario

thats strange that you have remote start but no remote

posted by  bigdaveangell

probably got it from an auction repo or stolen

posted by  adamc44

lol so true, does yer truck have a goblin face on the front by chance? :orglaugh: :orglaugh: :orglaugh:

posted by  Tech_N9ne

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