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Hi everybody I'm buying a used car before school restarts and I was just wanting some opinions on this car (and also Cadillac seville's in general)....

1994 CADILLAC STS Leather, 4 dr, 2wd, 8 cyl, auto, This is a luxury Sports Sedan/pl/pw/cd/ac/sunroof/leather/power seats/alloys/18" alloys and Z rated brand new tires comes with 1year power train warranty was$12900/now$8900.00.

The car has new brakes and a new A/C installed, no accidents, 150 000 km and has only been owned by one person.


I'm gonna go check it out tomorrow, I did talk to the salesman on the phone (the cars at a dealership), and he was very poilte to me, encouraged me to get a mechanic of my choice to inspect it to double check that everything is good mechanically. I dunno, I just got really good vibes from him, it's hard to explain :screwy: . Like he wasn't trying to force me into buying the car or trying to get me to come down to the dealership right away. At some other dealerships I get really bad vibes, like I don't trust the salesman or something about the car doesn't seem right but I can't put my finger on what it is. So what do you all think?

posted by  n00dle

Its a good looking car... im not up on caddies... and im not a car boat kind of guy... but it does look good... no idea if its worth that kind of money.

posted by  TheFieroKid

has it been on the lot for awhile? usually if theyve sat their for a long time they start marking it down to try and move it especially if its hard to sell luxury cars in your area. caddys are nice cars though, i dont know about this particular model, my best guess is to get down there and drive it. it is a good lookin car

posted by  adamc44

Are you CDN? I assume so because you said 150k km. BEcause $8900 CDN for that car is a good deal. But $8900USD isnt. If you're American offer $5000.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Actually it just came on the lot about a week ago. All caddy's around where I live don't sell fast at all and most dealers or private owners lower their prices. It's the BMW 3-series cars that cost alot and sell quickly. And ya is CDN.

posted by  n00dle

Nice one. Caddys have to be the best domestic sedan (thats luxury and affordable).

posted by  sandlercd_22

awesome car but repairs are gonna be a bit expensive with the northstar runnin under the hood

posted by  Mx3Kid

Damn, if that thing was for sale around here I'd buy it. Go for it man :thumbs:

posted by  giant016

I went to see it today, and it runs, looks and preforms really well. The only problems with it are that I really dont like the center console lay out/design and the leather is a horrible orange tan colour, I really like the car but I really dislike the leather colour and console.............. So I dunno what to do.

posted by  n00dle

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