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I was doing some searching on ebay (my constant source of marketplace pricing) and came accross a 1999 F150 lightning for $13000. :drool: I have been looking for a while for a promo car for the wheel business I got started and have setteled on getting one of your fine yanky trucks. BUT.....

....Is this really a common price for such a cool vehicle????

I WAS gonna get a ram 1500 and chuck a srt-10 body kit on so it looked the part, but if I can source a lightning for similar money, then why the hell would I wanna go and do that with a ram.

Please tell me that it's not hard to find one of these fords for similar (if not less) money? I now really want one :thumbs: all I gotta do now is sell enough to make the cost a tax write off :doh: hard but not impossible by a long shot. :wink2:

Is there anyway to have a vehicle put in my name without actually being there???

posted by  relicensed

Yes, it is possible to find one for less than $13,000. :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

How much time was left on the auction? It could have gone up way higher, but yes, it is possible depending on condition.

posted by  johnfilice

*bump*...why are you reviving old threads?

posted by  chris_knows

uhmm.... dont worry too much about it the mods will prob lock it out :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

Yes I know man its so hilariously old.

posted by  Pythias

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