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does anyone know all the types of a neon?(1999) like "sport" or "R/T" and what that includes? just looking for some info before buying a project car. please if your going to be ignorant, dont post. i dont think i could of put it any nicer :thumbs:

posted by  Tech_N9ne

4dr and 2dr Competition and Highline

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

whats the best? lol im not lookin to have the fastest car in town or anything

posted by  Tech_N9ne

2Dr Competition - 150hp 2.0L I-4 133lb. ft. Torque

2Dr Highline - Standard - 132hp 2.0L I-4 129lb. ft Torque
Optional - 150hp 2.0L I-4 133lb. ft. Torque

4Dr. Competition - 132hp 2.0L I-4 129lb. ft. Torque

4Dr. Highline - Same as 2Dr.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

so the competition or the 2dr highline, do the competition ones say "competition" on them?

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Personally I have a 1998 Dodge Neon Highline with the SPORT package.
Basic Highline is a SOHC 132 horsepower engine. Car is on a 3-speed auto or a 5-speed manual.
Competition is a 2 door i believe on stick only with the DOHC 150 horsepower 5-speed manual transmission, alloy wheels, decklid spoiler, and racing stripes.

My car has the following

DOHC 150 horsepower engine with the cool hood bulge because there is an extra piece that cools the engine better
Alloy wheels (14 inch tire size P185 65R14) but note i popped a tire and went to get them changed they are considered sport tires because of the profile. A new one around here from a cheap brand like Tiger Paw runs 90 dollars each.
Decklid spoiler. Looks cool but honestly really makes it hard to see out of the rearview, but I get around fine
Sunroof is good on mine always a nice breeze
I got 2 power windows in the front and manuals in the back
all power doors. Car performs well, but its not sometihng that you can enjoy on an auto hence the 3-speed. If you want fun, get a stick.
I got mine at a great price
62.5k miles I paid 2000
Good luck
feel free to IM me at


posted by  6000LE

They have an R/T badge on the doors, and the trunk

posted by  6000LE

thanks tons man, hopefully ill be a fellow neon owner soon

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Apparently he knows more than me...i jsut did a search on lol :laughing:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

yea but thanks anyway

posted by  Tech_N9ne


I have a buddy here at work that has an ACR Neon that he special ordered. He made a couple of modifications to the car (suspension and wheels mainly) but he doesn't drive it. The car sits in his heated garage next to his pro-street Camaro. Both are for sale.

If you're interested, I could get the information from him for you to take a look. Unfortunately he is on vacation until tomorrow. It is an extreamly low milage ACR Neon (around 300 miles or so) that has been well cared for. Seriously, this guy is anal about his cars. It is also the last year of the ACR Neons. (I forget which year exactly)


posted by  theman352001

whats a acr neon

posted by  bigdaveangell

It stands for American Club Racer. For more information......
ACR info (


posted by  theman352001

You don't wanna get the SRT-4 turbocharged one? Somewhere around 220 horses I believe.

posted by  Vlad

i dont want one that new its a project car(its not sapposed to be/look good at first) lol

posted by  Tech_N9ne

no i want an older one (99')

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Well my buddies car may be exactly what your looking for. The unfortunate thing is that he just got a call yesterday about the car and a guy is coming up this weekend to look at it. He says this guy is very interested in the car.

But here is the write-up on it so have a look-see.
'99 ACR Neon (

posted by  theman352001

I would love to take it but i dont think he would accept payments. I would take very good care of it though because i plan on having the next car i get for a long time.

posted by  bossman

No, he does not want to take payments.

I did just talk to him however and the car is still available. The guy he was talking about did not show up. So Tech_N9ne, are you interested?

posted by  theman352001

old neons you know the ones without the door frames just half door and half window

posted by  t8ter

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