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My friend has a 1994 ranger, 4 banger, manual transmisison. Almost every time he gets in the thing to start it, he has to turn the key about 6-7 times before the starter engages. Once the starter decides to engage, the truck starts w/ no problem. When the key is turned the first 6-7 times, nothing happens, its acts just like it would if you tried to start it without the clutch fully depressed. You can hear a feint "click" at the ignition which sounds to me like it's sending juice to the starter.

This has been going on for probably almost 2 years - I'm inclined to think that the starter isn't "on its way out" as this has been happening forever and the battery seems to be obviously good as it cranks fine once the starter actually engages. Has anyone else had similar problems??? I'm wondering if their is a clutch switch or maybe his ignition cylinder has been going bad. Maybe it IS a starter solenoid or something. Just looking for some suggestions. Many thanks in advance.

posted by  wadger

Is it exactly the same number of times each time? If so, it may be worth investigating if it had an alarm/immobiliser at any point in time. Sometimes they do weird things like that to make it hard to start without first disabling the alarm.

Just an out there thought - worth checking before replacing parts anyway.

posted by  windsonian

time to break out "mr happy test light" !!! :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

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