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Hi I have a 1997 eagle vision esi. Today i was driving and i took my car fairly hard. I did not floor it, but i punished it a little. So when i came back and parked the car i smelled something. It smelled like radiator fluid. I opened the good and theres a very small leak in the radiator. I herd it leaking when i was close to the radiator and i saw a small cloud of steem comming out of the radiator. I know exactly were the leak is comming from. Is this a big problem, and i know that over time i will run out of radiator fluid and overheat the engine but that has not happend yet so i will do something about this. Now since i know where the leak is can i use a sealant like JB Weld or soemthign else to just seal the little hole and keep using the same radiator. Also the leak is in top left corner of the radiator. Thanks

posted by  Kris

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