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Hey all. I just recently paid 1700 for a 1992 pontiac grand am. Its my first car and the only real problem ive had with it is a cooky idle problem when the engine hasnt been started in a while, or when its wet outside. Otherwise its in good shape, all the power stuff works, has 75k miles on it, was a steal imo.

When i start it it will rev up to about 1500 RPMs then drop down below 500, sometimes (if i let it) dying. When i put it in gear if i dont let it warm up (say in reverse) it will occasionally die then as well.
My roomate pluged it into a diagnostics machine and said first that it was the O2 sensor. We replaced it but the problem still persisted. Then he said he took it to his brothers house, who is a mechanic, and they figured out there was a crack in the vacuum system somewhere ( they said they found it after tossing some water on the engine and hearing the leak, they finally discovered the crack which had silicon or something on it from someone trying to fix it previously.
They also discovered a small leak in the coolant.

Anyway, my roomates brother said he would fix both problems for 200 dollars. However after going over this with some people i work with they seem to think that this is to expensive and i should get a second opinion. I know very littl eabout cars myself so am seeking others advice on the matter. If you have any other questions i ll do my best to answer them.

posted by  DylanT

Where is the coolant leak and vacuum leak coming from. If its only a vacum hose or a coolant hose it shouldnt cost much to fix

posted by  bigdaveangell

The coolent leak is in a gasket thats under the top half of the engine. He said the reason it costs so much is because he has to remove so much of the top part that its a labor cost. The part itself isnt expensive.

The crack is in the air intake, i think he called it. Also on top of the engine.

posted by  DylanT

I would say that youre probably getting a good deal. If the vacum leak is in the air intake itself you could probably replace that yourself fairly easily

posted by  bigdaveangell

I figured it wasnt to bad but it seems when i just BS with people at work about whats going on with my car, they all seem to have conflicting opinions. And money dont grow on trees so i wanted to triple check with someone else before i threw it down.
Wouldnt think my roomate would rip me off anyway, we known each other for a long long time.
But hey thanks for your help much appreciated.

posted by  DylanT

What did the people at work say about your problem?

posted by  ChromeDome

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