98 prizm turns, dies, electrical goes nuts

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newbie here. In a nutshell, I drove my car, parked, and attempted to start an hour later. It turned over, and immediatley died. The high beam indicator came on and both turn signal indicators both burned steady. I noted a clicking noise coming from under the dash. Lights hardly come on. At random the fan came on and stopped only after being played with by turning the ignition on and off several times. Just installed new battery with no change. I've seen wierd stuff but this is ridiculous. Help!!

Anybody have a accurate wiring diagram? The Haynes guide is worthless.
thanks in advance.

posted by  wlessfan

I had my car turn over and immediately die multiple times one day. The mass air flow regulator died and had to be replaced. I didn't have the various other electrical things happen, though.

Good luck with fixing the car.

posted by  apollo1980

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