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does anyone have any tips on welding, im trying to get ready to do some welding on my hood to finish my escalade conversion!

check it out

posted by  zigster

Take down the ****ing link

posted by  99integra

it's not really an ad anymore than me linking to the buildup of my Fiat is an ad.

HE'S NOT SELLING ANYTHING OR PROMOTING THAT FORUM! it's merely where teh images of his project are already at.

Jesus. No need to get retarded about it.

posted by  ChrisV

HEY, I did not get retarded bout it, all I am doing is following the rent a cops rules and that it states that anything with a forum isn't allowed, and if it isn't in the rules then he told me on PM

posted by  99integra

Anything ABOUT a Forum. There's a difference.

We've seen spammers going on about a forum, like those guys from that UK site. I realize you're just a kid, but you need to learn some common sense and how to tell the difference.

posted by  ChrisV

Oh c'mon bra, don't just whip out the kid shit on me now :banghead:
I can tell the difference and you are right, it didn't say click me to join or something along those lines.

posted by  99integra

Aside from those issues thats gonna be a pretty sweet conversion. :thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

hey everyone i started the conversion last weekend, everything is going steadily, this conversion is tought shit!, i hat to take it all apart 2 x now. each time its looking sweeter. i bought a 600$ welder last weekend and learned how to weld! **** what a riot! if you wanna see my pics check my site, i dont have time to post tons of shit here...

and i aint postin my website links to get people, i just dont have time to post shit 10 times on 20 different sites...

by the way getting the electrical on the lights was pretty cool... gm wanted 120 bucks for the 10 pin clip for each headlight! so i just rigged some shit up to work. if anyone knows where i can get a 10 pin plug lemme know!

all the lights work awesome, they look great, and il have some more pics up soon. for now keep checking my site. links in my sig.

posted by  zigster

Actually I think the thing in his sig is promoting it :2cents:

posted by  jedimario

Did you check the local salvage yard?

posted by  theman352001

damn, been a while since i posted an update here, the van is coming along amazingly! im almost done at the moment, the van is about to go into a bodyshop any day now, they will finish off the bodywork and make it look pro. this project was hell from the get go, but i think it looks sweet.

heres a pic so far... looks crappy in the pic... still some finishing touches to do, and the chrome strip.. maybe...

anyway there is a thousand more pics at my site.. enjoy comments wanted! :thumbs:

posted by  zigster

Looks pretty nice..Congrats :thumbs: more pics are welcome :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

Hideous. Why not just buy a freakin' Caddy if you want one so bad?

posted by  PontiacFan27

You are dead wrong. He has a link to the forum in his signature block... The same forum that he has in the post. Advertising. Remember, you complained about a link in my sig a couple of weeks ago. You wouldn't want to be accused of creating a double standard, would you?

posted by  vwhobo

looks pretty good, what else ya got planned for her??

posted by  adamc44

Thats freaken sweet, I gotta know how you did that... My astro needs a lil sprucing up!

posted by  VoRtEx-DeSiGn

I did NOT complain about your sig, asshat.I thought you were more intelligent that that. I said your sig had the same kind of thing in it you were complaining about: a link to a BUSINESS (commercial website) you are involved with.

HIS link was to a thread on another forum that had HIS pictures in it. Not an ADVERTISEMENT.

If you think that means I was creating a "double standard" it's because you are intentionally being an ass.

A double standard would be ME complaining about YOUR f*cking sig while having an identical link in my OWN sig. I didn't complain about YOUR sig, I didn't complain about HIS link. I merely RESPONDED to f*cking idiocy.

posted by  ChrisV

On top of what ChrisV said, you don't have to act that way.

posted by  67Coronet383

That was a while ago bro I don't talk like that anymore :wink2:

posted by  99integra

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