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Hi all.

I have a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34. It has 119,000 miles, and has gone through regular maintinance.

At 100,000 miles all fluids, filters, hoses, spark plugs and wires, etc. were changed.

I have had a new alternator, fuel pump, drivers side window moter, and mass air flow regulator replaced. (Of course new brakes and tires when necessary).

Lately I have had a problem when going from third to fourth gear (4 speed automatic transmission).

Sometimes, on a hill for example, if my car wants to go from 3rd to 4th gear, there is a shuttering of the car, like it cant make up it's mind whether to go to third or fourth gear. It isn't a major shuttering, but slight. And it doesn't always happen. It just happens now and again.

If I gun the car, there is no problem shifting.

But I'm wondering if it's my transmission slipping when going from 3rd to 4th gear (if I drive in drive vs overdrive, I don't seem to see this problem).
Or could it be something else? Fuel injectors were cleaned at 100,000 miles and I use Cheveron with Techron fuel 87 octane (the norm for my car), or could it be the mass air flow regulator, or fuel filter (changed at 100,000 miles) or something else?

If it's the transmission, I wonder if it's worth replacing.

Also, is it ok to drive the car in drive vs. overdrive, especially on the highway? (I assume overdrive just means you can use 4th gear), or will leaving the car in 3rd gear max do more harm than good?

Thanks in advance.

posted by  apollo1980


I just drove my car home from work.

Even in third gear (just drive and not overdrive), it shook a little when I gunned it.

Now I'm leaning a little away from transmission, but any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

posted by  apollo1980

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