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my dads friend who is a dealer just recived a 95 mustang GT convertable (v8)
Now i dont really like most american cars, i am more into the imports like integra and eclipse. However, this mustang is in ideal shape. It has 72k miles, leather, new audio system, automatic transmition.( i live in Chicago where there is a ton of traffic and snow so i dont really want a manual.) My dads friend will give it to me for 5k. Here is the deal am will be 16 pretty soon and i was wondering how much will insurance cost for the mustang for a 16 year old. I know for an eclipse or integra it will cost 900-1000 for 6 months.
Also i know it's a V8 so it will eat gas but does someone know about how many mpg it gets in real life. I know that ir says 17 mpg city 25 highway but those stats are always off.

posted by  V-TECH

HA 900-1000 for 6 months for an Integra? thats laughable. If you get an estimate from Progressive, its about 3000 for 6 months - its so high because they are very often stolen, so even though the Mustang is much faster, it should be cheaper insurance

posted by  Shift4

How about you call your insurance company, they might have an idea.

posted by  Bino

After talking to my insurance they said they base most of their quotes and prices off of how many wrecks there are yearly. For example for an 88' Mustang 5.0 would be around 80 a month whereas a 95' thunderbird (6cyc) was around 120 a month, same for a 95' 6cyc monte carlo. For awhile this puzzled me but once I asked what they base a majority of their quotes off of I understood.

posted by  Pythias

3000? are u kidding me? are u dreaming man?i bet i could insure a Porshe for that

posted by  V-Tec

Well he said for a 16 year old driver. If you go to Progressive and plug in all of the stuff and start a new insurance policy for a 16 year old driver, it comes out to about 3000 bucks a month for like an RSX, would it be a lot less if you put it on your parents account? (they have a spotless record)

posted by  Shift4

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