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well, the other day i visited my g/f's godparents and, to my amazement, they told me they had a 1979 chevy malibu hidden next to the house.... or, it was just parked and i never noticed it thanks to the little kid being annoying as hell.

anyhow, i fell in love with the car. its almost impeccable both, outside and inside. they were the original owners, and still are. the engine recieved an overhaul around 14 years ago, but lately its been runing a bit lazy. smells heavily like gas (so im sure its the ignition system).

anyhow, they have been selling it for a while for just $1,800. still, i wont be able to buy it for a while, but, im still curious about it.

i forgot to check wat engine it had, but i know its the 3 speed auto model. anyhow, is the 3.8l engine the same one with the GNx? the turbo one?

i would seriously consider buying it after im done with the supra and once i get some extra parking space.

posted by  Inygknok

those cars came with a variety of engines, but none were the turbo edition of the 3.8. you could however swap one in. is the car 2 or 4 door?

posted by  glagon1979

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