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I have a 1991 Saturn SC coupe. I was wondering what kind of healights it had. I want to buy xenon bulbs for it. I currently have the high beams. I havent been able to find what kind they are. In the manual it has this model that ive never heard of. The high beams are 9005DP. So if anyone knows what the low beams are please post it.
Also I was looking at buying a turbo for my saturn. It's and elecric turbo. Here's the link QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33741QQitemZ8001902104QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
It's $130. puts out 2.1 psi of pressure. no extra parts needed. SO i was wondering if it was worth it or if it would be a waste of money and owuldnt even help.

posted by  swargolet

Its 160 with shipping. Puts out UP TO 2.1 for all you know it may msot of the time only put up 1 psi, not much at all. Chances are its a waste of your money. You get what you pay for... remember that.

posted by  Pythias

ok thanx. I'm still wondering about the headlights. The lowbeams i bought wont work. It looks like it is all just one unit that contains the low beams and high beams. So im guessing if there are any xenon lights for it, that they'd be extremely expensive. said that theyd fit my car. guess not. So if anyone wants to buy some eurolite 9005dp xenon lights email me i'll sell them for $10-15 depending on shipping. .

posted by  swargolet

No offense but you should have went to autozone or some professional and just told them what u wanted and what kind of packaged it would have ocme in and all, they would have just told you and saved you some time and money.

posted by  Pythias

just so everyone knows... THOSE EBAY SUPERCHARGERS ARE A SCAM AND THEY ARE FAKE!!! DO NOT BUY... caveat emptor!

posted by  jcnoernberg

why is this posted here?

posted by  glagon1979

thanks for the help everyone. I was able to get a refund on the lights. and i decided not to buy the "supercharger" as it seems like it sucks. I'm still looking for xenon or some other really bright white headlights i could buy for my saturn. The site that one of the members gave me was for a newer saturn. I have a 1991 saturn SC coupe. I'm not even sure is antone makes these kind of lights for my car. They healights arent individual bulbs but onr whole unit for both high beams and low beams.

posted by  swargolet

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