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Have a 1996 Chevy Lumina 4 door. Today the temp gauge went to the red line and the "HOT" light came on. Had cool air in the defrost mode. Shut off ... allowed to cool .. started and proceeded on ... temp gauge went up quite a ways but did not reach the red line nor did the "HOT" light come on... then it started to drop.. tried the defrost and it was warm. Later the same day (in the evening) started vehicle.. went approx. 5 mile and the gauge went to red line and "HOT" light came on ...NO heat in heat/defrost...allowed to cool for appx 15 min ..gauge went to about half way...started car and proceeded home...temp gauge would raise to under the red line, heat air was cool/cold...no "HOT" light... gauge would drop to about half and heat air would be warn... this cycle kept repeating itself for the 5 mile trip... checked coolant levels...OKAY... just had new water pump, hoses, etc replace about 5 weeks ago...car has about 96,000 miles...intake gasket was relaced at about 63,000 miles.. what might be the problem and what is needed to fix it?

posted by  sparky

I'd say the problem is... its a Lumina. Seriously though from everything I have heard including my friend who owns one like yours, a geo metro may be a safer choice of a car.

posted by  Pythias

he asks for help on his cooling system and you tell him to buy a metro? thanks idiot! if you don't know anything about cars, just don't post!

anyways, sparky, did you replace the thermostat? i'd do that next...

posted by  jcnoernberg

also, be sure to bleed the system of air. the 3.1 is notorious for giving false readings due to air in the system

posted by  glagon1979

First off I did not tell him to buy a geo metro I was simply saying that that may be a more reliable car jacka$$ if you don't want to fully Read and UDNERSTAND something someone says on even a 2nd grade level don't worry about my post. 2nd of all from everything I have heard and knowledge of friends who have cars lumina's and taurus' are of the worst and most unreliable cars, mostly the early 90's ones prolly not the newer ones.

posted by  Pythias

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