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Well, as I posted in the "what do you drive" thread, I purchased a brand new 2005 Dodge SX 2.0 Sport. Pictures will be up tomorrow, when I can take them in the daylight...

Now, as I am not hassled with all that lease bullshit, my fingers are already starting to itch for some upgrades. Now, I am not looking to make it a racer or a ricer, just more definitive, as my car. Tinting at 5% is already planned for the rear windows, smoked front windows if the shop will do it for me(it's illegal here, but the cops turn a blind eye to it, because the sun is so bloody hot.

Of course an aftermarket stereo will be part of the plans - tbird, I need to talk to you about a custom box for the sub I have. For now I am keeping my deck, as it is only a year old, and is still pretty decent, and the sub/amp combo. I'll need new speakers, because the ones from my old car will not fit in the new one..but I'll deal with that.

I turn to you, the members of CF, to help me decide what to do with my car next - CAI is kind of out of the question, as it will be my year round daily driver, and the CAI for Neons tends to hang bloody low.... I don't want a fart can, but a less restrictive exhaust combined with a quiet muffler that has maybe a little bit more ballsy sound(not a goddamn bee) to it would be nice. If I can't get the sound, that's fine, quiet is always good too.

No, I am not getting a bodykit. No, I am not getting chrome rims - it came with aluminum rims, and I don't like chrome rims/have the money to spend on them. No, I will not lower the car. I'm looking for simple upgrades, for a little more power, and hopefully keep the same gas mileage, or increase it.

I thank you for any suggestions you have to make.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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