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I have a 99 Grandam GT 2Door (3.4L V6) and on the front Driverside wheel well there is a Decal that says "V6 H.O" I assume that the H.O Stands for High Output.

Now, I have a friend with the same car that he bought new as well 6.5 years ago and he has a different Decal..I think it says GAGT or GT..something along the lines of that...

My question is...is there a difference between the cars or do Car Manufacturers do a variety of different Decal combonations on the same year of car just for kicks?

He said that is the same decal he had when he bought his car new....and same with mine. It has never been changed.

posted by  Erdrickk

uhhh. it's porbably different, car dealers would not change the decal "just for kicks"

posted by  Slapshot

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