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Back in 1988 I bought this really sweet 1987 Camaro Z-28 (red, 14k miles) Well, I still have it, only now its got a 406cid sb( with forged pretty much everything, world motown heads/ 9.5-1 ratio), absolutely NO emission controls, no computer, a 3" exhaust,complete MSD igniton-box,wires,distributor, headers, weiand waterpump, edelbrock high-rise manifold, holley 850 2-pump, griffen radiator, nitrous works 150hp system with stand-alone fuel enrichment, eibach springs and 308 gears. the interior is full race w/aluminum seats& 5-point harnesses, and the gauges have all been replaced with auto-meter pro-comp gear. holding all of this together is a six-point roll cage and 8 additional chassis weld points. i kept the 700r4 but had it built, and the car will chirp 2nd and even 3rd most times. with the overdrive it tops out just under 200 mph (normally aspirated) and makes something like 550 hp without the spray. think nascar with a carpeted interior and you have the idea. its a top-end car, not a drag ride. when i did the mods, i had to put another hood on, and i would up with a fiberglass harwood 4" cowl induction unit. i haven't done anything major to the car in about a year, and i've recently gotten the urge to put on a roots-type supercharger (i have pretty much replaced everything else, and this is the only mod left). my question is, will a smaller unit like a weiand or holley 174 or 177 fit under the cowl? right now theres the high-rise, a 1" nitrous plate, a 2" spacer and a 6" air cleaner, and they fit. its hard to tell from photos just how high the small blowers are.... if anybody knows, please tell me....

posted by  asdz28

It seems to me that anyone who is not only smarter than our British friends but is also capable of building the car you describe would understand the operating principles behind a tape measurer.

Perhaps you could tell us where in Florida are you making these "just under 200 mph" runs and how you're measuring your speed.

posted by  vwhobo

You bet. We have a number of long straight closed roads where you can do top speed work in our area, and I have a police frien with various speed measuring devices. Secondly, I bought all the parts, built some of the car, and had the rest done by people who actually knew what they were doing over the course of my 16 year ownership. If I could get someone to actually tell me how high from the top of the valve cover to the top of the unit these things were, I could probably work that tape measure. Now, are you going to help me, or just make snide comments?

posted by  asdz28

1. Don't think so
2. Probably
3. I'll call bullsh*t

posted by  vwhobo

I'll take that as no, you can't help me, and yes, all you are going to do is make snide comments, in which case, spare me, I can live without the attitude. what I need, and what I am asking for, is technical assistance.

posted by  asdz28

Okay, then let's try this. Anytime I have a technical question about something that just completely stumps me, I call the manufacturer tech lines. And since Holley and Weiand are the same company now that makes it even easier.

Contact Holley Tech Service at:
...............(270) 781-9741, fax: (270) 781-9772, or:

All Holley and Weiand supercharger related questions:

While you're at it, you asked "how high from the top of the valve cover to the top of the unit these things were". It might be good to mention what type of valve covers you have, stock, tall for rocker clearance, finned aluminum, etc. Information like that matters. I know alot of tech line guys and they don't get crystal balls issued to them so just like me they have no idea how tall your valve covers are either.

I thought a smart boy like you could figure all that out on his own.:banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

Wow! I actually got some help out of you. My error for neglecting to mention that the valve covers are stock height. I called the companies and could not get anybody to actually say how high from the block or other reference point the smaller units were as it related to hood clearance. I suspect they don't want to give advice like that and get stuck with a complaint later if the install required cutting of the hood after they said it did not. I came on the forum because the only supercharger guys I know have 6-71 or 8-71 units on 1/4 mile cars and they definitely do not fit under the hood. My thinking is that perhaps someone, somewhere has done a similar project and could save me some grief. I appreciate your help, even if your attitude is pretty nasty.

P.S.- When did I ever say I was smart?

posted by  asdz28

You never came out and said it and you certainly never showed it, you just made an uncalled for insinuation that you're somehow better than our friends the blokes.

posted by  vwhobo


posted by  Satty101

I would love to see pictures of this Camaro it sounds pretty cool!

posted by  Car Guy

Actually, the exterior looks relatively stock. It sits about 1.5 inches lower and has the cowl induction hood. The hood is still black, the way Harwood ships them. The wheels are black steel Barts. The interior is completely different, in that the the seats, gauges and restraints have been replaced , there is a 15lb nitrous bottle and MSD 6al box where the back seat used to be, and you have to climb over the roll bar to get in. Most of the things that make the car different are things you don't immediately see- suspension, chassis welds, etc. So far it has come out all right, but it wasn't an overnight project. A lot of it was trial and error, and it literally took years, with a part here and a part there, althogh most of the major modifications were done over the last 6 years, when the car retired from duties as an everyday driver. As soon as I can I'll post some pics!

posted by  asdz28

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