Need info on a 94' Firebird 3.4 li conversion to 3.8

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Hey I still got this firebird and I was thinking about possibly putting in a little bit of a better engine in it before I try to sell it. It is a 94' but I was wondering what all it would entail to put a 3.8li engine in it of the 95's and up. Since it is a 6cyc I would not expect that much changing but what all would I need? New car computer? How much would the labor be to have this done and where could I have this done at? I'm going to have to get rid of this but as of right now theres somethin messed up with the intake leaking something to the engine, I will get all the details tomorrow so I cna be more accurate. I'm just wondering what all a conversion from a 3.4li to a 3.8 would entail.

posted by  Pythias

You may need to change everything that touches the engine, or nothing. Not sure. You'd be better off just selling it as-is, because alot of potential buyers dont know the difference between a Inline 6 and a V6. Those are the people that get V6 F-bodys, for the most part (no offense).

posted by  Oomba

New question... it has a pretty big engine bay (of course its a pontiac) how much would I be lookin at to swap somethin like a 440 in there of course engine engine mounts, tranny, but what else? Main reason why im askin about puttin a different engine in it is because The 600-800 possibly more dollars imma put into it is just for the engine, and of course for all that much i could put a new one in it. So someone please give me some advice other then jsut selling it as is.

posted by  Pythias

I touch i need to be replaced? :laughing:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I asked some of my friends about this and so far i have gotten Engine, engine mounts, suspension, fuel injectors, rear axle, transmission, prolly gears too.

BTW I realize all this will costs a good amount, not sure yet but a good amoutn im sure, and I would rather do this than get a new car.

posted by  Pythias

just find a donor firebird with a V8 and do the swap. just make sure the engine is what you want before you do the swap. you shouldnt need to swap out the gears. they should be around the 3.73-4.10 ranger because its a V6 car. don worry about strength, the original 7.5 rear end will hold up. i have an 81 monte carlo with the same rear end, and im pushing 400hp. that is an easy swap and recomend it over the 3.8 swap

posted by  glagon1979

Still need suspension upgraded and the other things I mentioned tho right? Also from what I have heard tune ups on V8 Firebird are expensive and if I could put an old muscle car engine in there that wouldn't be necessary to drop the engine out for a tune-up would it? I may do that tho find a donor V8 firebird. Whatever I do I won't get another 6 it will be a V8

posted by  Pythias

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