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But of course worried about insurance!

I'm looking to get either of these: _used_cars_full&make=FORD&model=FIESTA&variant=1.4&keywords=&min_pr=75&max_ pr=&mileage=&agerange=&postcode=pe19+7ng&miles=100&max_records=50&source=0& photo=1&sort=3&ukcarsearch_full=SEARCH&start=10&distance=88&adcategory=CARS &channel=CARS&id=200538207399391 _used_cars_full&make=FORD&model=FIESTA&variant=1.6&keywords=&min_pr=75&max_ pr=&mileage=&agerange=&postcode=pe19+7ng&miles=100&max_records=50&source=0& photo=1&sort=3&ukcarsearch_full=SEARCH&start=3&distance=48&adcategory=CARS& channel=CARS&id=200538208197904

They seem like a good run for their price, I'm just worried about insurance.

How much is it to insure one of these babies? Could I get a better car for less?


posted by  Repost

Dude they should give insurance to you for like 50 dollars a month on something like that, no joke lol

posted by  Pythias

Ross, I have a93 ford festiva an my insurance runs me about 270 a year, by the way its a 1.3 an 5 speed getting 48mpg , I call it a wanta be car, have a good day Slimone

posted by  Slimone

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