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My '95 grand marquis isnot starting on damp mornings, and starts just fine in the afternoons or on dry mornings.

So I know what you are going to say: "Oh that's a cracked distributor for sure...". But wait--I dont have a distributor cap! I have a computer controlled ignition system with ignition coils on either side of the engine. Both have been checked for corrosion and water incursion and none has been found.

so... We checked the gas blowback valve from the right side and it has a crack in it. Could this cause the problem?

Furthermore what is the likelyhood that either the actual ignition coils are going south, or that the sparkplug wires are having internal seperation issues?

(I had an '83 malibu that had rough starts due to cracking in the carbon fillaments in the sparkplug wires, but when it warmed up it was good).

Anyway... thoughts?

Mr. Ralph

posted by  rvralph

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