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My 94 saturn sc2 is in kinda rough shape, it leaks a little oil and im wondering if anyone else has any other problems with theirs. im really hopin to fix it up and make it a nice car but i need some ideas on what to put into it.

posted by  rugerSC2

I burn oil. Not enough to see. I think when engine braking.
- I think I now have main bearings in near to rough shape.
I changed the head gasket couple years ago, after canadian tire got nailed with bad reviews and they did a fantastic job, really.
My tach just started up a few days ago and now have to find and fix that prob.
Wipers ceased up in the shafts on to which we screw the arms. Pulled, wiped, super-lubed, and all fine now.
Chrome cap over driver door key assembly kept coming out, just needed a solid push back in BUT, i had first gone to dealer, he gave me a new one free... I took it back when not needed.
Driver's door seal did not sit properly on poorly, standard?, body at top, before I bought it. That caused left side of driver's seat to rust. Did you know you can buy the parts for half a saturn car seat?

But all in all, I like. well the oil thing is annoying, but standard i'm told.

addit: i have 95 SL

posted by  meckano

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