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My girlfriends buick starts to shake after she gets going about 60 on the highway, we changed the plugs and wires about a month ago and it stoped doing it but about a week ago it started to do it again, someone at work told me that it might be the injectors????? Im hopeing that it isnt cause thats too much to put into that car....any ideas??

posted by  brewer_26

Does anyone have any ideas as of what it can be i have no clue

posted by  brewer_26

Check your wheel alignment. Or, your tires could be warped. Or still again, your wheels may not be counterbalanced correctly.

Fuel injectors? Is it coming from the engine or the whole car?

posted by  hondaman

Its just when u press on the gas when ur going like 60 or seventy down the highway and then when u let off then it stops and it does it pretty bad when u start to take off from a complete stop

posted by  brewer_26

I would keep an eye on this thread, as it seems he may have a similar problem...


If none of those suggestions help, then try getting your injectors cleaned. That's inexpensive to do...but I'm not sure that dirty injectors would cause that violent of a reaction.

posted by  hondaman

I had same problem...

new tires balanced and aligned fixed it right up. :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

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