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i like both cars but which is better, i mean speed wise, look wise,handling wise and which u can do more with, like mods and stuff, please use cons and pros too

posted by  illusion34

I'd say the 78' T/A is better looks and performance wise (stock). The Mustang would have more of an after market selection but there would be some stuff for the T/A also. The T/A may be an older car, might require alittle more work then the Mustang would and may even be alittle harder to get some parts for, but personally i think it makes all that up with its looks. I'd say get a T/A :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

the only thing that i dont like about the t/a is that it is portraid as a "gino and stella" car, i myself am italian..... but wtv, do u guys find it like this too? and y is the engine so crappy, 403, 6.6 litre, 180 hp... how would you make that right?

posted by  illusion34

I'm not totally sure what that means, but i dont mind them and i wouldnt mind what some people think about me and my car. You dont seem to see as many around as you see the Mustangs. I the its only a 400, 6.6L eninge, dunno horsepower but they are/can be fast cars, i know a guy that has one and he races Mustangs with it (also wrecked it cause he didnt wanna let it win).

posted by  car_crazy89


posted by  Oomba

t/a for sure...i mean who doesnt have a mustang anymore... :banghead:

posted by  adamc44

The Mustang has a larger aftermarket, and will be cheaper to make go fast, as it's lighter and has more engine parts available.

But these days the Trans Am is rarer, and will be the more valuable project. You can make them plenty quick and handle very well.

posted by  ChrisV

How about a T/A with a new RJ350 shoehorned in there? That would be fun :thumbs:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well for one me :doh:

posted by  99integra

go for the T/A. the reason why they are so weak is because they are so resricted. get an aftermarket intake and carb. and it should wake it up

posted by  glagon1979

today im prettyy pissed. pissed because you older guys got to have these cars and now im going to have to drive a stupid smart car, it not fair!!! frekain gas prices!!

posted by  illusion34

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