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Im lookin to buy a 94+ mustang gt and im wondering how many miles is too many. i want to keep the car for a while. how many miles before thee car and engine start having many problems. ive been finding some with 80k miles. also which engine do you prefer the 5.0 or 4.6?

posted by  farmboy108

The 5.0 :screwy:

posted by  99integra

First how old are you, how much money do you have to spend. Miles isn't too great a problem its the way the car has been treated, you can have an engine rebuild done if you think it has lost that much power. if you decide on only getting the 5.0 engine then get only the 94 and 95 years. They switched in 96.

posted by  Pythias

i have about 6500 to spend and im only 17. i want something a little nicer than my talon (looks and performance).

posted by  farmboy108

lol well for that much you could get somethin pretty good, possibly somethin already supercharged, but do you pay for your own insurance hav you looked into insurance yet? the best 98 was the 98 and 97 cobra 4.6 dohc engine stock 320 horses btu for 6500 not sure if you could get one. I am personally looking for a 95 GT convertible. Also what are your eventual plans for this car? more mods or more looks, any of the V8 mustangs are sporty performance and looks but what are your eventual plans

posted by  Pythias

For $6500 I'd get a 4.9 94/95 with the lowest miles you can find. While I know you can get the better styled 99-04 GT for about $8000 with decent miles, for $6500 you aren't going to find a good one of those. The 4.9 to me is just a funner engine to play around with anyways.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I have a similar situation. My friend just found a '94 Mustang GT 5.0 with 119k miles with a body kit, spoiler, cool air intake, aftermarket shift kit and tinted windows for $5,500. What do ya'll think?

posted by  chris945

I prefer the 5.0. Ive never seen a Mustang with problems unless the previous owner/owners havent taken care of it.

posted by  SlipKnoT

That's funny, all my friends who have Mustangs love them, but all refer to them as "The Lego car", because things are always falling off or breaking but it's so cheap and easy to fix.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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