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Ok guys, i recently bought a 1994 Chevey Cavalier for $1,000 from my aunt, who some how only racked up 16,000 miles on it in 11 years. Its my first car, and i want it to be special. Its currently red, mint condition , and looks liek it just came off the showroom floor. It currently looks like this:

I have decided on this CD player (Kenwood kdc1028 2005 model):

what can i do with this car? i want to either tint the windows, put nicer rims on, not like the pimp my ride type, just nice ones besides these stupid plastic hubcaps. I also want to change the color (maybe). PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. i really hope you guys can help. Thanks alot

-216 :mrgreen:

EDIT: wow sorry i posted in the wrong area....i wish i could move it, it will never happen again! :doh:

posted by  Fito216

To be honest with you man i would turn around and sell it for way more then what u bought it for if its really in that good of condition, and then if ur stuck on cavys then id just go buy like 93 2 door, and pimp that out....my friend has one all nice n shit and it looks ****ing awsome. all i can really say is to get a two door, you will like it much better im sure.

posted by  brewer_26

wow, i wonder how much i could get for it :2cents: .

but selling wont happen cause well my parents just wont wanna do it.....so anything else i could do to this for a reasonable price?

posted by  Fito216

to be honest with you i would drive it for an everyday car and then save up for another one like a 2 door, cuz theres some 2 doors that you can do stuff to to make it look good but personaly i dont think that this is one of them...i dunno

posted by  brewer_26

dont do anything
drive it
get some rims if you want

posted by  6000LE

This from captain ricer :roll:

posted by  Oomba

well, the engine bay is the same size as the 2 door, so if you wanted you could swap a 3.1 v6 into it, but that would be a waste of money unless you found a donor car for next to nothing. you also could convert to 5spd but that is senseless also. i guess it all depends on what you want to do, but what ever you do, be original. :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

because rims are SO rice
****ing idiot

posted by  6000LE

I wasnt talking about rims moron. I was talking about you saying not to do anything to it.

Another thing, you see what I'm doing here? I know how to type. Are you too big of a ****ing moron to type normal? Sentences end with either periods, exclamation marks, or question marks. They dont just trail off. New sentences start one space after the end mark of the last sentence, not on their own line. LEARN TO TYPE!

posted by  Oomba

Captain Jack@$$ suits him better don't you agree? :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

id drive the hell outa that thing, save your money and get something nice later on down the road, i just know from experience that first cars tend to get a few dents and dings in them so for 1000 bucks that not really a bigdeal. i would tint the windows so its harder to see the cd player in there. plus with gas prices this thing would be great. nice find!!!

posted by  adamc44

find a washed out bridge and see how much air it can get, puts some character in the front end :hi:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Honestly, I don't know why people have such a problem with this car.

It has 16k miles, and it's 11 years old. How rare is that? Plus it looks like it is in showroom condition. Honestly, you've got a great car. Don't trash it, junk it or otherwise...put some time and work into it if you want but don't just junk it.

So it has four doors...does that automatically make it slower, or any worse? Any performance mods that can be done to the two door can be done to this one as well, plus it would be one hell of a sleeper and be in better shape than many cars on the road.

posted by  hondaman

yeah ... go with the tint/wheels idea ... don't waste money on a paint job though... looks in good nick, so too exxy for what you'd get out of it. :2cents:

posted by  windsonian

hmm thanks...im only 16 now, so of course i want to look good, but i think i will just get the cd player and window tint done for now. i work in a mall in a bad neighbor hood, so i figure i better not put alot into it incase of theft. there is no alarm on this car....can i buy one somewhere or have one put in? thanks.

posted by  Fito216

Put some nitrous purgers in it. A big spoiler, some LED illuminators, oh and some awsome chinese symbols on the side. :banghead:

Drive it.

posted by  Spencer

Yes, they'll cost about $69 at your local radio store. At least, that's the way it is here.

posted by  hondaman

id find a new job in a nice neighborhood making more money, then get system, rims, tint. it will look really good because the paint is mint

posted by  6000LE

OR you could be smart by simply tinting for security purposes of the CD player, get one with a faceplate and everytime you get out take the plate off put it in it's box and put it under the seat since it won't work without it. As for an alarm system unless it's really necessary I wouldn't get one cause it'd be costly. Other than tint and CD player do NOTHING and save all the rest of your money, by the time that thing has prolly like 60k miles or so you should have enough to get alot better of a car, something you really want. But I would not rice this one out, keep it nice. And if you can stand only doing those things for a year or two and save up your money you can get something you REALLY want.

posted by  Pythias

maybe if you REALLLY want rims for it, go to the junkyard and find a set of factory mags for waay cheap... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

My neighbor gets all sorts of free stuff from the junk yard, its amazing the stuff they have go their.

posted by  Spencer

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