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Well I have a 98 Neon DOHC as you all know. On ebay me and a friend just ordered a few cool vynils, and eyelids for my car, but now that I have money coming in, I want to work on the performance. I am thinking about a Short Ram Air Intake System, on ebay for 45 dollars delivered. Now a friend told me about performacne chips, bu they decrease gas milage. What are some other upgrades I can do. Please no farting mufflers, or turbo, because I dont hvae THAT kind of money. The car only has 63.5k miles on it, and that is pretty low, so I want to do something special with it.

P.S. I hope my punctuation in this post appeals to you. *Cough* oomba *cough* :fu:

Anyway if you all have ideas please post them here. Maybe some small tweaks here and there.

posted by  6000LE

did you just admit to buy vinyl :doh: , and eyelids :doh: , dude you are such a ricer. all that crap is so tacky and played out. i thought you wanted to paint your car. why are you buying vinyl when you have to just take it off to paint the car?

oh, and im still waiting for you to hurt me!!!!!!!! gimme what you got little boy!!!

posted by  glagon1979

im not gona paint my car
i said if i was going to i would do electric blue
get a life
and i like vynils so what

posted by  6000LE


posted by  glagon1979

Just because he likes to make his car look nice doesnt mean he a ****ing ricer :evil: Calm the **** down. Does he go around claiming his car can beat everyone elses??? NO! Period, end of story.

Now as for performance, have you looked into Weapon R intakes?

posted by  SlipKnoT

i do believe that he did. i'll post a link when i find the thread

edit: ok here i found it

posted by  glagon1979

yea i did that
but as a joke
anyway i found a short ram intake for 30
and a cold air for 50
but i duno how to install it
my engine is tricky
il get a picture up tonigh

posted by  6000LE

Damn, show me a picture of your car then before you criticize everyone about how eye lids and vinyl are for ricers. Your bad typing seems like a ricer to me mr. Know it all. I have eye lids on my car and vinyl, and I see nothing wrong with that :evil:

posted by  xlrated

well thanks for reviving an old thread, but now i wanna get into it...

whers a pic of your car? what kind of car do you have? whats under the hood? i think your a ricer....

posted by  Stem

then you sir are a RICER. I drive AMERICAN and the bodys of all my cars are in stock form. The joker i was ragging on has no performance mods. his car is all show and no go. hes got neons (in a neon) on the inside of his car because the ones for the outside are to expensive. so to make things worse he is a cheap ricer. i would show a picture of my car but i dont have a digital camera or a scanner. what do you drive? i dont see any pictures of your car!! huh, dickweed? how old are you? wait let me guess, you are 18. the perfect age to think all that crap is cool. you will grow up and realize that they dont look that good someday.

posted by  glagon1979

Whoa, chill pill there glagon. He wants proof that your car is non-riced. You cant talk shit until you prove it. I could just as easily say I drive all american cars with no modifications whatsoever.

You do realize that even upgrading your stereo removes the "stock form" tag? I'm sure you've done this. I know I have, because I can't stand the stock stereo sound. Last time I checked, stereos are not rice, unless you are stupid enough to think that loading your trunk with subwoofers gives you more traction, making you faster...especially in a FWD vehicle...

posted by  dodgerforlife

i did say that the BODYS of all my cars are in stock form. the thread is about EXTERIOR mods, and tacky ones at that. i will admit that i have upgraded stereo equipment in the past. now all i do is throw a decent CD player in and go.

posted by  glagon1979

Except that its ricey.

Seriously, if you are making so much many with this 100k a year on ebay crap, put down the money for a rebuild kit and a turbo.

posted by  PontiacFan27

So doing body mods is ricey? Even if you drive a street car that you feel is more than fast enough already?

Underbody neons may be done by some ricers, but they aren't ricey, as they dont' replicate a race car (like, say, fake BOVs, oversized exhuast, fake intercoolers, huge wings and sponsor stickers on stock vehicles). They are custom mods that were actually around a bit before the ricer scene started.

posted by  ChrisV

Hey man don't let some of these people try and talk you out of what you want to do with YOUR car. They don't own it, and they sure as hell don't have to look at it. Your car should reflect who you are, not what others think is cool, or gay. I'll admit I have bashed on some 89 Hondas w/ a huge aluminum wing on the back, but I don't go and announce it to the world. If it's what they want, good, let em' do their thing...

So to put this to end again I'll say it, screw everyone else, do what you want w/ ur ride man.. don't let a few jackasses prove you otherwise...

And before I get flamed about what I drive.. haha.. pick a car boys... 96 s10 w/ 4.3L Vortec; 4'' lift, American Racing rims, nerf bars. 2001 Toyota Solara w/ TRD sport package; Injen cold air intake, strut, 17'' Chrome Boss rims ... and lastly 92 Subaru SVX .. nothin' really special about it.. other than it's fairly rare...

posted by  Metzger

And that fact it's extremely heavy!

posted by  thunderbird1100

Back on topic here...the best performance bang for you buck would be to spray it. There are universal kits out there for 4-cyl's...most are 50-75 shots which would be more then enough to get you going.

As far as MY definition, ricers are people that think they're cars are fast BECAUSE they put goofy wings and vinyls/stickers on, or because they have a fart can muffler or a cold air intake they think they're the top shit. If you have a car and you are just doing exterior/interior mods to make it look like a show car that's cool...but if you think THAT alone makes you fast, you'll be in for a suprise.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Here my friend is a definition of a ricer...

(Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)

A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):

- Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder
- Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747
- Lots of after-market company stickers they don't have parts from, but must be cool
- Expensive rims that usually cost more than the car itself
- Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire
- Clear tail lights and corner signals
- A "performace intake"- a tube that feeds cold air to their engine usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine)
- Most of these riced cars (a.k.a. rice rockets or rice burners) are imports; Honda Civics, Accords, Integras, CRXs, RSXs, Del Sols Mitsubishi Eclipses, Lancers, Subaru Imprezas, however there are some domestics such as Chevrolet Caviliers, Dodge Neons, Ford Focus; small, slow, economy cars designed specifically to go slow. Please note that some Supras, Skylines, WRX's and other higher performance imports are designed to go fast, and are therfore not always considered rice. It really depends on the severity of the case.

The "ricer" attempts to make their car "performance" by adding the modifications listed above. These ricers are not confined to any one ethnic group or color, however different ethnic groups are known for certain styles.Honda Civics with big spoilers and 4" exhaust tips are considered to be ricers.

posted by  IwantaSti

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