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Hey, i need a little help here. This guy was selling old style toyota supra one around 1990 im not sure wich year but thats what it looks like it is a supra and has a R next to the supra for the name tag. I dont knwo what it means im sure its not a supra type R. Well anyways it looks great and no one baught it for liek a year sicne it ahs been for sale and i am looking for a car. so i need some help fromyou guys to help me persuade the guy to give me it for a cheap price. Any specific things i should say so he will give me a low price? Stuff liek that thanks!!

posted by  Kris

tell him
"look noone has bought the car for a long time and probbably for a reason. you wont sell it for anymore than (and offer your price), so il give you that much."

posted by  6000LE

Does she run? I find it hard to believe that a Supra would be left for a year without selling...How much is he selling her for?

But 6000LE's method is pretty good
Good luck with the car man :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Thats why when I was telemarketing I made more money than anyone else in the firm. Also why im making 1000 a month parttime :)
give it a try
if i coem up with sometihng else I will let you know.

posted by  6000LE

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