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i got an sc2 and i dont know what mods i can make to it, i've been told some might be: new shifter(shorter throw) & new exhaust/headers.... i need some suggestions, at this point in time i dont have much money, but soon i will, also, can you get clear tailights/headlights for this car? also, i was if there were any engines that i could swap in for the stock 1.9L, and where would i be able to go, to find new performance parts for my car (like what websites). thanks.

posted by  rugerSC2

I would suggest putting a 2.5 liter SE-R/Altima motor in there, short throw shifter, suspension, sway bars, anti roll bars, upgrade the brakes, maybe a wheel and tire package

posted by  99integra

would that actually fit in my car? the thing is i cant find any performance parts for it, its a really hard car to mod, but if i could mod it i think it would be a really nice car.

posted by  rugerSC2

True that there are not that many mods for the car. Engine swap is the only idea I can think of. I would get tint, rims (no bigger than 16 maybe 17), and a nice system. Better yet just do what I did and leave the car alone. All I have is speakers, HU, painted panels, my eyelids and small decals came today, and I got guages coming soon. Thats all.

posted by  6000LE

Check these guys out.


posted by  dontmatr

Those are cars with one-of-a-kind parts that almost none of us can afford.

posted by  6000LE

did you actually look at the website - it has a ton of parts for the saturn S series, and the prices are all reflective of other manufacturers....

posted by  dodgerforlife

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