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Just wondering, if the speakers in the doors are custom or stock, and the wires in the trunk, can i hook up a sound system to them? like an amplifier and two subwoofers?

bought the car used, so i dont know if all of this came stock or if it was custom.


posted by  0SilverMustang3

Look stock. GT right? Mach 460 sound system?

posted by  Pythias

yup, it is the mach

posted by  0SilverMustang3

Thought so, chances are if it looks stock ti is stock, unless I'm mistaken the 460 comes with 8 diff speakers all around it and it looks stock to me, if you still aren't sure either someone will eventually come on who knows mroe about audio systems and will tell you, adn everything else you need to know.(also you can google interior pics of stangs and compare to yours juss to make sure its stock) but I'm almost positive it is.

posted by  Pythias

You'd have to take off the speaker grills to see if they are stock speakers or not. No way of telling without looking. The guy before you must of had an amp on the truck, because I see power/ground wires. He just decided to take the amp out and leave the wires.

Take off the panels and see if it's stock speakers or not. Then we can take it from there.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The MAch 460 consists of...

Three amps, one 2x30rms amp for powering the four 2.5" midranges (7.5rms per speaker) and two 2x40rms amps powering four Ford 6x8 (really 5.5x7.5) woofers (40rms per speaker).
His 6disc changer head unit is made by Visteon (some crappy company...). The regular CD player is made by Sony.

The MAch 1000 is the same as the MAch 460 only it adds two 10" woofers in the trunk powered by four 40x2 rms amps (160rms per speaker).

posted by  thunderbird1100

deff stock lol :orglaugh:

posted by  hhsrastler92

How you can tell? Do you have x-ray speaker grill glasses? MY stuff in my car looks stock because I kept all the factory grills, only thing that gives it away are the A-Pillar and C-pillar mounted tweeters, only they look like it was from the factory too.

posted by  thunderbird1100

How you can tell? Do you have x-ray see the other end of the cable glasses? You could use those cables for anything (not that they'd handle high freq signals real well).

.... Sorry, I'm just messing with you :wink2: I know it's 1 in a million that they're not power/earth, but I saw an opportunity because you just heckled someone else for making assumptions :mrgreen:

posted by  windsonian

I wasn't assuming anything. I know those are power/ground cables. Looks to be 4ga. Looks like also a remote turn on lead. You can not only tell those are power/ground cables by their size but also their connectors.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Incorrect .... I could use those cables and connectors to hook up a central locking system, or a video camera ... or anything else for that matter. They might be intended to be audio power cables, but let's face it, a cable's just a bit of twisted metal for electrons to move along. And the connector is just a way to join two bits of metal so the electrons can jump across.

So yes, you were assuming. A good assumption, but still an assumption. :wink2:

posted by  windsonian

I've never seen a 4ga power wire used for a central locking system or video camera for a car :screwy:

posted by  thunderbird1100

That doesn't mean it can't be done.

I know a guy who runs external speakers at his house off CAT6. I know what you're going to say ... "you can't get decent sound quality out of a twisted pair data cable"... So what? He already had the network infrastructure in the house, so he uses it for background music when he's having bbq's and such, and it sounds fine.

posted by  windsonian

You could mate a 14.0L I6 turbo-diesel to a bicycle....but that doesnt mean someone wil lactually do it.

Face it the only 4ga or 0ga POWER WIRE used cars is for amps (unless of of course someone has done the "big 3"). As for using CAT 6 ethernet cable to run speakers...wow, now that brings a new meaning to ghetto to the audio world.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I never said that you were wrong, I just said you assumed. Like I said, it was a good (and safe) assumption, but I just found it funny that you made a comment about someone else assuming. :wink2:

Who cares that it's called POWER WIRE (or was that just a caps lock slip? :laughing: ) Like I said, it's all just a pathway for electrons. You could power your amp off telephone cable as long as you used enough cores. Of course, termination would be a real bitch!

I actually thought the CAT6 idea was quite nifty. It meant he could play the tunes off his computer without having to move the computer, or run new speaker cable.

posted by  windsonian

I really dont want to get into a wire debate...but put it this way, power wire is different than speaker wire (strand for strand).

I didn't assume anything, I know what it was. He ASSUMED those were stock speakers sitting behind the grills, and no one can tell unless the grills are removed, that's not a good assumption.

He assumed, I in fact, did not.

posted by  thunderbird1100

What, difference in capacitance, shielding etc? So what? It's running DC power, so it doesn't mean crap. The only thing that you need to worry about is resistance - and we all know that 1/R(total) = 1/R(1) + 1/R(2) etc... Therefore, more cores reduces the resistance, therefore reducing the voltage drop, therefore speaker cable would be just as good.

You don't KNOW what it was. If I showed you a picture with the same cables in it, then told you that I'd hooked up the other end to an electric bilge pump, who'd be right, me or you? We couldn't both be right, because I know that the cables are used to power a pump, and you know that the cables are used for an amp. So someone has made an assumption. I built the thing, therefore the only assumption I could have made is that I assume the thing I hooked up was in fact a bilge pump. You on the other hand have assumed that because I'm using cable USUALLY used for amps, that I'm powering an amp. Like I said before, a good assumption, but an assumption nonetheless.

You ASSUMED those wires were connected for an amp, and no one can tell unless they used the amp, or traced the wires (which may not help in the case of the power cable anyway). This was a good assumption, better than the speaker one ... but you can't tell me that it isn't an assumption, because it is.

Confidence in an assumption based on knowledge or past experience generally improves the chances of the assumption being correct, but never stops it being an assumption.

I know I'm being pedantic and petty, but I just don't like people trying to cling on to ideas to prevent themselves being proven even slightly wrong.

posted by  windsonian

Wow I see you're just TRYING to gouge here...

/rant on

Yes, because we all know 4ga POWER and GROUND wires running to a car's trunk with a very possible remote turn on lead besides them are used to power an extremely high intensity camera to take pictures of Mars... You're right, my "ASSUMPTION" that they 99.99999999999999% went to a car's amplifier was retarded.

/rant off

posted by  thunderbird1100

Of course I am ... I simply made the observation which I found slightly amusing, but then I got a defensive response, which sparked me off. Sorry, it must just be an Australian thing to wind people up when they get defensive about something :mrgreen:

I never said your assumption was retarded .... in fact I mentioned several times that it was a good assumption and most likely correct. I was merely pointing out that it was an assumption. You'll probably find that 90% of people with stock speaker grilles have stock speakers too (btw I just assumed 90% :mrgreen: ).

Also, what's the difference between a 4ga power wire and a 4ga ground wire? There may be a difference, I don't know, but I'd be interested to find out.

posted by  windsonian

There is no difference between 4ga power/ground wire. Same wire exact wire strands in each. Only the Power wire is much longer than the ground for obvious reasons (the power wire goes from the car's positive battery terminal to the amp while the ground wire goes from the amp to a chassis ground location). Usually a power wire is anywhere from 15-20feet long while a ground wire usually 3-4 feet long. The power wire is always FUSED (usually with an AGU or ANL fuse) within 12-18 inches from the battery). The remote turn-on lead wire goes from a a wire attached to the HU (usually blue with a white stripe) that sends a "12v" signal to the amp to turn it on when the HU is turned on. The RCA cables are simply 2 (usually) cables that go from the HU to the amp that carry the audio signal. Then speaker wire carrys that from the amp to the speaker(S). Power/Ground wire can get more complicated especially when you add in the factor of several amps (with different gauge requirements), distrobution blocks and different fuse requirements.

For instance in my setup right now it's like this...
Orion 2500D - Two 4ga power terminals
Alpine MRV-F550 - One 4ga power terminal
Alpine MRV-T320 - One 8ga power terminal

Instead of running 4 separate power wires I run just two 0ga wires to my battery (the 8ga goes to my under hood fuse block). Then when it gets to the back I have a 2 0ga input 3 4ga output distro block then run the 4ga power wires to the appropriate locations (but in this case I only need a few feet of 4ga wire). Each 0ga power wire is fused at 250amps if I remember correctly (with an ANL fuse).

posted by  thunderbird1100

So the only way you can tell the difference is by checking the length of the cable? I can't see both ends of either cable in that photo, so once again, you're assuming that you see a power and ground wire. Like I've said before, a very good assumption, but still an assumption. There is no way you can know from looking at the picture whether they are 2 power wires, 2 ground, 1 power and 1 ground ... or for that matter a single cable looped around showing both ends.

.... and yet you based your argument on the fact that you saw a POWER and a GROUND cable. :wink2: If there's no difference in the cable, you can't tell me what they are.

[EDIT]: Question: Which cable in the picture is the Positive cable, and which one is the Ground?

posted by  windsonian


Just like how you correct everyone that says ford 5.0 with ford 4.9 now he is correcting you yet you don't like it mhmmmm I see a hypocrite here. YES the ford 5.0 is actualyl a 4.9 just like EVENTHOUGH they are used for that 99.9 percent of the time they are not ALWAYS used for that. Interesting comparison we have here mhmmm....

posted by  Pythias

This is not a hypocratic means whatsoever and I dont know how you tried to just relate that. Was it you or someone else told me "I" was the ignorant one when i said it's a 4.9 instead of what Ford tells everyone?hmmm...

How long have you been in the car audio business? That's right :mrgreen:

posted by  thunderbird1100

It's SET of cables. One power, one ground, one turn on. Dont drag this on any farther than it has to, it ended in fact i nthe first dumbass post you made against this... You're arguing with someone who knows A LOT about this type of stuff. Stop trying to point-out dumb things, it's not what makes this forum worthwhile. Nobody is going to magically leave two power and one turn on lead. It's SET of cables for ONE amplifier. IF it's not then I'll personally pay the plane ticket for you to fly over here and shoot me. But since we're at it, if I am in fact correct, how about you do the same? Willing to lay that down? If not, just STFU. Simple as that :wink2:

posted by  thunderbird1100

It was someone else for one. And wow you put up such an argument there how that is not hypocritical because it is. None even needs to know jacksh*t about car audio, based off the posts I just read anyone can see what I see as long as they aren't too close-minded. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

If you dont know anything about car audio and try and get a knock in at someone who does when (According to windsonian) they have a "99.9% chance" of being right. I call THAT hypocritical. Trying to relate the fact Ford fooled everyone into calling their 4.9L engine a 5.0L and I dont go along with what everyone else calls to THIS is just inane...

posted by  thunderbird1100

I NEVER SAID YOU WERE WRONG! Show me where I said that, then I'll "lay it down".

Don't tell me you know a lot about this type of stuff, because that is beside the point. Do you try to win arguments by scaring other people into not arguing by telling them you know too much about it?

I don't argue outside my own abilities (well not usually anyway :laughing: ), so you telling me how much you know doesn't worry me. Because you know a lot about audio doesn't really mean much when we're just talking about a DC power circuit. One cable is a bit of metal at 1 potential, the other wire is a bit of metal at another potential, and there's a load in the middle that drops the difference with a resistance. The size, manufacture and composition of the cable just allows more or less current flow by changing the resistance.

The problem is not that I think you're wrong about what the cables are. The problem is that you can't admit that you do not know for certain. Are you going to fork out plane tickets if the speakers are stock? Same argument. :thumbs:

posted by  windsonian

I'm done arguing about something moot. :screwy:

posted by  thunderbird1100

You're right ... it was only ever a silly argument about a minor technicality. :mrgreen:

Couldn't let it go though, could you? Didn't want to admit any potential that I might have been right, no matter how trivial the matter.

That's cool, just human nature. I can be the same.

Sorry. Maybe I'm a sick person, but I quite enjoy exchanges like the one we've had here.


posted by  windsonian


Sure why not? :mrgreen:

posted by  thunderbird1100

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