Corvette C6 is it great?

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Corvette C6 has many awards: Best Performence Sports Car - Cheapest Dreamer Car and Highlt Developed Horsepower. But is it really good. Over the last months techicians and testers are finding many different problems. The heating of the egine melts electical wires that make your car lose contol or possibly catch fire.I think that this car is good looking, fast and cheap but these problems and many more are making me confused. What is really going on!


posted by  jasjitdhillon09

wat? really going on where?

posted by  Slapshot


posted by  Pythias

Brilliant car and brilliant value. Teething problems will be sorted.

Mine is on order and I will have to live with lhd.

posted by  Monaro VXR

Is the C6 great?

Is water wet?

Are hot, naked, females dripping in baby oil...(I'll shut up now, I think I've made my point :drool: )

posted by  dontmatr

great?? hell yes it's great. my friend has one and it's fast as hell


posted by  SyntheticTrust

OH helllll yeaaaaaaa.

Best thing since sliced bread!

posted by  thunderbird1100

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