1995 Neon Sport 5-Speed Electric Hell

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Here is what happened, first sometimes the car starts and the air wont go on,then turn off the ignition a couple of times and wellah the air comes on oh the radio is off too. ignition switch problem? Anyway I was at work had to move the car, I moved it then went to startagain and the steering locked and the key would not turn, so i finagled with the key and turned the wheel until the steering column locked ok now the key turns all the panellights radio and air go on then the panel lights sequentially go off like normal but if I turn the key all the way the brake light on the instrument panel goes on. I have no cranking, lights radio everything works except, motor? Is the ignition broke, PCM, or what.The continuity on the clutch safety switch it good.Help i am trapped at work. i believe its the ignition switch. So I disconnected the battery cable and reconnected with no solution. i am getting the error codes 12,disconnected battery or bad connections :banghead: and 55 end of error transmissions

posted by  ryynnoo

FIXED IT! Changed the lock cylinder, it may have just needed to be cleaned with contact cleaner. in view of the fact that there was 11 years of heavy usage(heavy key chain), it was time for a new cylinder $22.95 at Auto Zone. :clap:

posted by  ryynnoo

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