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alright..im back about the daytona...my dad was tryin to convince me to not buy it, the car is in immaculate condition with only 85,000 km on it, he was telling me that daytona's are shit and all they ar is suped up version of some other dodge in an effort to sell them, and its not worth the $1500 (Canadian)...i just wanted to get another take on it, becasue theres just somethings i dont trust the old man about.

posted by  LeDrew145

First Question to ask yourself is do you like the car? And if yes then go for it! I had 2 of them. My first was a 89' daytona automatic loved the car ran great never any problems the only thing wrong with it was the paint had started fading. But then a blazer smashed into it and turned it into srcap metal. My second one was a 87' daytona 5 speed t-tops loved this one too. The car ran great never any major problems it needed a good tune up when I bought it but other than that good car. I had to let it sit for about 2 months when I was pregnant and then sold it because of sitting she started idling funny so with the baby I didn't want to dump money in the car. But I still see the 87' running around and the same family still own it. So I would say they are pretty good cars from my experience!

posted by  C95TSI

is it one of those turbo cars? those cars were pretty fast (for a dodge)! like C95TSI said, "Do you like it?" go for it if you do. good luck :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Personally, I feel Daytonas are a great car. We have had one in the family since 1989 and there impossible to break. At least now the parts are cheap for them and you can fix them up anyway you see fit. I even swapped out an auto tran to a manual tran on that car. I drive it anywhere I can because it gets about 35 to the gallon and yet still has balls. I'm even rebuilding the engine next summer for under $1000 bucks and putting on a turbo to boot. The unibody design makes it so you can swap just about any year part into it. :mrgreen:

posted by  silentbikerboy

I've had a couple. My '86 Daytona Turbo was a sweet car. Fast, handled good, looked ok. My '85 was an utter POS, that everything broke on (had the front suspension literally come apart going around a corner). But it HAD been abused before I got it.

The Daytona was one of a spate of cars based on Dodge's Omni and K car front drive platform in the '80s. that chassis was available with everything from a 1.7 liter VW based engine up to a 3 liter Mitsubishi V6, but most popular are the 2.2-2.5 liter Dodge engines, preferably in turbo form. Cheap and easy to make very fast, and very strong, reliable engines.

This one was my '86 (pardon the ps on the window, the photo I scanned was damaged there)

posted by  ChrisV

My uncle used to have one, the one he had was prone to blowing transmissions (went through 2 or 3 before he gave up). I wouldnt say it happens to every car or that it was a POS, maybe he was just hard on it. I think their nice little cars and pretty reliable if you treat them right (as any car can be).

posted by  car_crazy89

I remember what the old man said, He says its crap, that the daytona or laser is just an Omni spiffed up and sporty to sell to the young kids, and he he's dead serious about not wanting me to buy it, figuring he'll have to be working on it all the time, im getting it for about 1500 dollars (Canadian) it needs a windshield and an exhaust, but the guy selling it is giving me another 1985 daytona Automatic for extra parts it has both the windshield and the exhaust and just about any part i need that i can use to put on the other, when i went out to look at it there didnt appear to be any rust along the rockerpanel or any other problem areas (mind you i went out to look at it in the evening), but from what i hear on here it seems a solid car, i hear both the negative and positive comments, but i hear many more positive comments, and the same on car survey more positive comments than negative, im just wondering if this seems too good to be true

posted by  LeDrew145

Your Dad is a moron. Sorry to say it, but its true. He obviously doesn't even know what a Daytona is.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Sorry to contradict some of you, but this is the REAL first question. Who's paying for the car, you or Daddy?

posted by  vwhobo

Even if dad's paying for it, he should be able to make a reasonably informed opinion about what to buy if he's trying to buy something his KID likes.

Tell him to talk to us.

posted by  ChrisV

If it's Daddy's money it's Daddy's choice. My kid tried to be sly, even though he knew it wouldn't work, and asked me for a set of wheels for his 14th b-day. I had some bent ones that I took off of a wrecked Toyota and gave those to him... With a bow on top. That's when he decided he better get to work.

posted by  vwhobo

lol, im not taking any offense that comment about my dad being a moron, not saying that he is, he just close minded and when he thinks he's right he's right, anyway thanks for the re-assurance, and i think im gunna go fer it

posted by  LeDrew145

The difference is YOU are able to make an informed decision about cars. YOU actually know what you're looking at, and the realities of each choice.

posted by  ChrisV

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