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Hello all. My first post!

This may seem like a stupid question, but does a 01 Saturn L200 4 cylinder auto-trans have transmission fluid??

Now some of you may laugh, but I'm 100% serious here. I've combed over the owners manual, and I can't find anywhere that mentions where the reservoir is, how to check the level, or when to change it.

I would've normally called myself crazy for actually believing that it may not have transmission fluid, but I know from repairing many older Japanese motorcycles that those engines have transmissions that run in the engine oil. No transmission fluid used in those.

Anyhow, is that indeed the case - is this one of the few makes of cars (that I'm aware of at least) that actually has the transmission running in the engine oil?



posted by  crc1214

of course it has tranny fluid.

posted by  6000LE

600LE, in my book "of course it does" means that you know 100% sure that it does. Have you seen it referenced in print or been under the hood and actually seen the transmission fluid reservoir, or are you basing your answer upon the various cars you've tinkered with in your extremely short (just a guess here) lifetime?

I don't mean to be a prick. If you know, you know, if you don't, then don't waste the webspace with assumptions.

If you're 100% sure, then be a gem and school me a little on the location of the trans fluid and the recommended service interval. I'm a pretty attentive student when I have a competent teacher.


posted by  crc1214

How about hes basing his info off of COMMON SENSE for most people. ANY kind of transmission in a car has transmission fluid. Do you know if your car has engine oil? It might not because you didn't see it in the manual.

posted by  Pythias

if the tranny dindt have fluid it would not even last 1/2 of the life of one with fluid. yes they have fluid. here is how to check. go and let your car warm up for 5 minutes. keep it running nad pop the hood. there should be a dipstick just like the one for oil, thats the one you need. pull it and check. bewre though that if you do this dry, and there is not nuff fluid, it wont show. see what happens is that when you start the car, the tranny sucks that fluid in, so unless the car is operational, you wont know. and by the way im 17 and dont know as much as others, but i have the sense to not be a newcomer and start making myself look like a dick from the second post. but anyway, thats how you check. if there is not enough fluid, add it. i doubt you should have any problems with a car like that, but i check mine every week. you never know what could happen. best of luck :thumbs:

posted by  6000LE

Yeah, I tend to start talking like a dick to 17 year olds who's biography says "Russian, Smoker", and occupation as "hustla".

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posted by  crc1214

Theres no reason to get pissy, if there was no tranny fluid then all the shit would lock up due to the friction if you didn't have any kinds of lube in there. My suggestion is that you do like "treasure hunt" inside the engine to look for the little dipstick for the tranny :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

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posted by  crc1214

I don't quite understand what you are trying to point out?

posted by  99integra

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posted by  crc1214

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posted by  Pythias

Got to be here for a while to understand :wink2:

posted by  99integra

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posted by  6000LE

Ok, ya mean where do you fill it, cause yes, it has to have fluid.

If there is nothing obvious, it may have a flush screw cap to keep folk from filling it with antifreeze.
Try a saturn dealer, they really blew my mind with kindness and understanding when I bought mine second hand.

posted by  meckano

2001 l200 have no tranny dipstick. Your looking for a red cap about the same size as the oil cap on top the engine. The red cap should be to the right of the engine and under 3-4 tubes about 10 inches lower then the top of the engine. Look for two tubes running front to back held together with a clip. Should be right underneath these.

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posted by  mgisinger


posted by  99integra

The saturns those years have no dipstick, and the only way to check the fluid is to unscrew a plug on the side of the trans tailshaft on the pass. side. It's right on top above the seal for the halfshaft. best way to reach is from up top. There's debate on the best tool to remove, but I believe saturn should make one for it. If it's stuck, it's a pain to get out. The fill is similar to the cavaliers and sunfires of those years with the 4spd trans. Red cap on top of trans on drivers side. you need to pull the plug to see when you've got the level right. Too much is just as bad as not enough.

JMillat   08 Dec 2012 18:35

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