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I am thinking about buying an 88 Camaro, and I was wondering if anybody has had experience with them and could tell me a little bit about them.

Are they easy to work on?

Easy to change the oil?


I just got some info on a car that I was looking into. It has 200k miles, with the 5.0 engine rebuilt at 100K. 5 speed manual, 18" chrome wheels with brand new tires, oil change every 5k, clean title, no wrecks (still I would run it through carfax)

posted by  DarkshoT

My knowledge on the 3rd-gens isn't that extensive, but $3500 sounds a bit steep. There are idiots out there who would probably sell their 4th-gen LT1-powered 6-speed Z28s with only 100k miles in pristine condition for only $3750 (Not me though......never)




posted by  dontmatr

No way im going to buy that first one I posted, but i've found another one. Here is the info I have according to the guy:

89 Camaro hard top
118k, although at 80k miles the 305 was replaced with a 350 which therefore now has 38k on it.
5 spd manual
Needs headliner and carpet
oil change every 3k miles
straight body and frame, no wrecks
clean title

Whaddya think of that?

posted by  DarkshoT

take it. but i dont really know anything except that i like pre 90's camaros so wait for someone with knowledge.

posted by  bebopin64

Sounds pretty good to me. Go check it out and drive it first though.

posted by  SlipKnoT

Sounds good to me. The price still seems high though. So if you could get him to 2500 i'd def buy it. They are pretty dependable cars. I hear about the altenater going out in the 3rd generations alot.

posted by  83transam

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