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how jealous would yall be if i had a Dodge SRT-10 Viper Truck?

posted by  bebopin64

Nah, that would suck, because I wouldn't be able to stick half my body out the window and yell 'THAT THING GOTTA HEMI?!'. :orglaugh:

Actually, if you really own a SRT-10, looking at the prices at the pump lately, I actually kinda feel sorry for you... :mrgreen:

(looks at own sig)


posted by  dontmatr

Have I ever told you you're my best friend? :laughing:

Do you seriously have one? Or is it just a hypothetical situation in a parallel universe?

posted by  chris_knows

in one years time i will be the proud owner of a brand new srt 10 and i cant wait to rub it in the faces of all the bmw driving sophmores at my school.

posted by  bebopin64

i cant contain my exitement anymore. i know it is irrelevant to cars but i joined in the xbox 360 email address craze and just sold a gmail account for $102.50.

posted by  bebopin64

ummmm okay how the hell did you sell your gmail account for 102.50. That person must have been an idiot. :screwy:

posted by  Spanky2324

all these little gamer people have to have an email account that says xbox360 in it. theyre willing to pay 100 dollars for one.

posted by  bebopin64

I think we have a Solar in the making :banghead:

posted by  chris_knows

Show me that website, Spanky invited me for one so I can sell mine :laughing:

posted by  99integra

well most of the xbox 360 email addresses are taken. people sell them on ebay, but i got in early and got a bunch of addresses and i waited so people would want them more. if anyone is interested, on ebay there is a guy selling a ram srt-10 for 5200 shipped. i asked him why it was so cheap and he said: Thanks for contacting me about the DODGE RAM SRT-10. Currently, I am
relocated to The Netherlands due to my job and, as such, I am forced to sell
this car cheaper in order to sell it quick. Plus the registration fees are
very high here in Europe. Consequently, the price of this car is $5200 and I
am prepared to take over the shipping charges in order to ease the process.
Insurance is included in the price. The Dodge is with me here in Netherlands
and it is in perfect condition both mechanically and cosmetically. No damage
whatsoever, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects, it is as advertised.
It has very little usage. It has only 373 miles. For most of its life, it
has been kept in the garage. The title is clear now and it was registered in
US so you won`t have any import custom fees. I am the original owner. We
will make this transaction through ebay so we can be both 100% protected and
insured. Please let me know if you are interested and if you have any
questions. I am ready to start a secure transaction through ebay. Please get
back to me if you are interested. Thanks.

posted by  bebopin64

MEh, I'd still rather have a Titan.

Or a 3500 Ram Dually Cummins.

OR the new 3500 Silverado dually w/ the 360hp Duramax :thumbs:

posted by  thunderbird1100

over a ram with a v10 8.3L 500hp 525ft/lb torque engine?

posted by  bebopin64

Personally, I'd take the Ram 3500 Dually with a Cummins, and get a Banks Turbocharger slammed in there.....better for working, especially being a farm boy....the SRT-10 is a wicked truck, fastest production truck in the world, but too much of a toy for my personal tastes(and budget)...

posted by  dodgerforlife

bebopin, where's the site for the SRT-10, that's just too good to believe :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

I dont like trucks

posted by  Oomba

Yes, too much money for a truck. Plus I actually would get a truck for it being a TRUCK not a wanna-be performance vehicle :2cents:

posted by  thunderbird1100

tbird, it is a performance vehicle, no doubts about that....but it just wouldnt suit my needs for work :(

posted by  dodgerforlife

While it has a Viper engine, it still doesnt have near accepted sports car handling. The acceleration is nice, but it is still a 13 second vehicle. No better than any LS-1 F-body. I just dont see the point in spending that much on an INTENDED performance vehicle (that's nearly usesless as a truck) when you can actually GET a performance vehicle with better performance for less. To me, a truck is a truck, it's intended to haul around loads and tow things. I don't mind when people customize trucks to make them faster or handle better or appear different. Just I PERSONALLY dont see the point in doing it (I wouldn't do it). This goes just for trucks though with me.

posted by  thunderbird1100

"sports car handling" - errr is it just me or is it not a truck?....why should a performance TRUCK be measured against performance CARS. thats just not feasible :ohcrap:

And it's still the worlds fastest production truck - 154.587 MPH - which is still damned impressive. Its a TRUCK, off a dealership LOT, hitting over 150MPH....

You can still use it to tow....has one of the highest towing abilities....thanks to all that torque...you just can haul shit around in the bed...

Like I said, I still wouldn't buy it for work - but this doesn't make the SRT-10 a bad truck...

posted by  dodgerforlife

I jsut dont buy into it at all. If you really cared that much about performance in a truck buy a Titan for $25,000 less and add on a supercharger...same performance. IF it's a performance vehicle it's a performance vehicle. Their shouldn't have to be a separate entity JUST for trucks. If they want to hype the performance that much of it to be like a sports car then it SHOULD handle like a sports car for it to be considered a SPORTY vehicle. I just dont buy into the whole performance truck scene, that's just me though :mrgreen:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Can we get a website to check this out with?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Not too jealous, Lightnings are better.

posted by  The_Dude

ugh, blue oval syndrome versus the worlds fastest production pickup....are you nuts?

posted by  dodgerforlife

I agree with the above statement by dodger.

You're nuts to think the Lightning with only 380hp is better than a 500hp SRT10 Ram.

posted by  thunderbird1100

plus 505ci and 525ft-lb torque :) and on a half ton frame :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

Don't get me wrong the SRT 10's are nice trucks. Especially having over a 500cid engine and six speed. But the Lightnings have a smoother apperance and aren't that much slower than the SRT 10's even with 120 less hp. You would think with 500hp you would at least break into the 12's. Plus Lightnings are less expensive and have more after market parts available.

posted by  The_Dude

Thats not practical. I mean they put an engine from a supercar into a vehicle used mostly for industrial and contruction work. Whats next? A Jet Engine in minivans for cool soccer moms? Just seems stupid in my opinion. :2cents:

posted by  6000LE

Or how about a 230hp turbo 4cyc engine in a neon :laughing:

posted by  The_Dude

Thats not extreme. Here is what you are saying. Powerful engine in an economy car. O.K. well here is something for you. HEY lets take a Honda Civic, stick a b18 engine in there, and turbo it along with a CAI, exhaust, headers, port and polish, "JDM" piston kit, and an igniton system. Basically that means that tuning a civic is just as good as a 230 horsepower neon. Pointless. And if you want to insult the SRT-4,
1. Its not a Neon by name (SRT-4 and not Neon SRT-4)
2. It has 220 horsepower
3. I bet youre not laughing about the Honda S2000 (whoopee a whole 20 hosepower more than the SRT-4)
And if you mean to say that a Neon is not such a great car, then youre right, but neither is the civic. My mechanic knows all cars, and when i brought him 2 civics to look at he said that they all generally have tranny problems. Matter of fact my dad knows a man who got a brand new civic, and after 2k miles, he replaced 3 transmissions. He drove the car just like any other person does. And if you are comparing the SRT-4 to the RAM SRT-10, then they are 2 completely different things. See there are automobiles out there known as "Sports Compacts", and "Sports Cars". But what do we have here? A supertruck? So you too can haul bricks doing 0-60 in 5 seconds.

posted by  6000LE

:laughing: whats the matter you can't take a joke. And it is 230hp.

posted by  The_Dude

I agree the SRT10 isn't as fast as it SHOULD be but that's a simple fix. When I sa in one I noticed the ungodly awful long shifter. I bet with a $100-$150 shift kit it could easily shave off nearly 3-5 tenths off it's low 13 second 1/4 mile. As for looks, I like the design of the Ram better overall than the older Heritage F150 (but the Heritage F150 is MUCH better looking than the new box designed UPS look-alike F150). The Lightning definatley has a good look to it. Plus it has the supercharger which opens up more modding/dollar ideas over the N/A Ram SRT10. PRice is always on the Lightnings side. I know a guy who sold his (02 i think it was) just a few months back with only 40,000 on it. Sold it for ONLY $18,000. $18,000 looks much better than the near $50k you have to lay down to get the SRT10 Ram.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I still laugh at the idea that Dodge TRIED to pull off the SRT-4 isn't a Neon. They even list it separately under their website... That thing has Neon written all over it (not literally of course). If they list the SRT-4 under a separate vehicle why didnt they do that for the Ram SRT10? Or the umteen SRT8 vehicles they have now. Nice marketing TRY there Dodge. Didn't fool anyone though, it's still a neon. Just like the Si is still a Civic.

Mechanics all tell different stories. Most just to get more money. All cars have their problems but saying "all civics tend to have tranny problems" is purely rediculous. Just look up the reliability records of the car. Would it be getting four and five stars on the JD Power long term and initial term reliability rankings year in and out forever if it had a constant issue with the tranny?

Lastly, I would like to note that while the SRT-4 has about the same horsepower as a S2000, it certainly doesnt have the class, high rev capability or handling the S2000 posesses. Plus the S2000 is still nearly a half second quicker i nthe 1/4 mile to boot. Also, I'm pretty sure no one buying an S2000 even CONSIDERED looking at a turbocharged Neon :2cents:

posted by  thunderbird1100

well well well...

First, the SRT-4 IS a turbocharged Neon/SX2.0 - Thunderbird, on www.dodge.ca they are NOT listed seperately.

It is a 2.4L 4cyl, with 230hp, and 250ft-lb torque. For under 30k CAD, that's not a shabby deal. Plus you have factory warranty on the engine. I'd love to see you retain a factory warranty on a civic engine after you toss on a turbocharger...

as for the SRT-10. It's a Ram 1500 with the bored out Viper engine. Meaning that it's on a HALF-TON frame. The lightning is on a quarter-ton frame if I'm not mistaken. Now, tbird, you spewed some crap about there being more options for the Lightning to increase power. That's utter horseshit. Talk to Hennessy....He'll show exactly what he can do to a Viper engine.

three options:
700hp(no torque listed, probably in the 750-800ft-lb range)
800hp, 900ft-lb torque
1000hp, 1200ft-lb torque

the 1000hp upgrade would put you almost into the 9 second bracket. 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. Granted not the cheapest upgrade.

But to go from 500hp to 700 for 24k, would not be a huge pile of money for someone whos looking for that kind of power. Includes all supercharger kit parts, testing, dyno, exhaust upgrade, and installation fees. Also includes a 2 year warranty.....hmmm sounds like a good deal.

Try again.

posted by  dodgerforlife

200hp for 24k is not a good deal even with a 2 year warranty. There are a lot more aftermarket parts available for the Lightning compared to the SRT-10. Just look in a Summit Racing of Jegs cataloge if you don't believe me. And it won't cost no 24k to get an extra 200hp out of the Lightning engine. I would like to know what would have to be done and how much it would cost to get those hp & tq #'s you just randomly threw out.

posted by  The_Dude

Okay I was posting something long but the page just CLOSED itself :banghead:

So here's a more simplified version.

When I went to the dealers here i nAmerica they TRIED to convince you it wasnt at all a Neon.

www.dodge.com - Listed separately there.

I said because the Lightning was SUPERCHARGED it has more power/mod. Which is true. Plus the mods for the lightning are MUCH CHEAPER than the over priced crap Hennessey puts out for the Ram SRT10. HEre are some prices from Hennessey for the Ram SRT10. $50 Supercharger pulley for the Lightning, 50-75hp INCREASE in power.

ECU upgrade - $800, most places sell for $300-$400
Cold Air Intake - $500, for a stupid $10 4" pipe that has been bent and a $50 K & N Filter.
Dual 3" Exhaust - $1000, not too bad still very pricey for only 20hp.
Long Tube headers - $3000, just ouch, OUCH!
Throttle Body - $800, talk about gouging.

And now the big boy, the Venom 800 Twin Turbo kit.
Only a COOL $42,000. For the price you BOUGHT your SRT10 Ram you can increase the hp by 300. That's outrageous. Even with installation most twin turbo kits are $10,000 at most.

Even the Supercharger upgrade kit is a JOKE for the price. $25,000 for ONLY 200hp? You like paying $125 PER horsepower? At most superchargers for most other vehicles cost $10,000-$15,000. And increase the power much more than only 200 for those prices.

Also, I thought the F150 only CAME in 1/2 ton? Like all other pickups in its class, the 1500 Silverado, 1500 Ram, Tundra and Titan.

Saying you lose the warrenty on a Civic for slapping a turbo on is true, but that goes with ANY car you put a new turbo on. Even a SRT-4, as long as it's not the expesnvei Stage 3 kit from Mopar, you're losing the warrenty.

Now YOU, try again please (and next time try and comprehend what I type and not distort it).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Just want to say this to thunderbird:
You always give detailed, comprehensive, and informative answers. Good job. :thumbs:

posted by  6000LE

did you read my post - I specifically named HENNESSY racing.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Are you saying that because of that name that's why you are justifying paying 125 per horsepower? Correct me if I am wrong but for about half that price couldn't you get about the same power increase? :2cents:

posted by  Pythias

I never said that Hennessy wasn't cheap. I'm just trying to prove the fact that there are power upgrades available for the SRT10.

take a look at this site: http://www.roeracing.com

lots of upgrades, and a lot cheaper then Hennessy.

i found a bunch of other sites too that also have a ton of performance upgrades for less then the 24k that the hennessy kit will cost.

Plus, the SRT-10 comes with the short-throw 6 speed manual, the Lightning comes with an auto :wink2:

And you have to appreciate the fact that in a couple years, the Viper engine is coming out, and V10 HEMI is being stuffed in there, with over 600hp...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Those ARE a bit better prices. But you're still missing the MAIN point of you still get more horsepower per dollar when modding the Lightning BECAUSE it already HAS forced induction. How much is that turbo kit on that site for the SRT10 Ram? It says you have to call, and I am lazy.

Still $329 for an intake isnt cheap, $1000 for headers isnt cheap.

Again, a $50 pulley for the Lightning will get you about 50-75hp over stock. You cant find anything NEAR that price that will get you that much horsepower for the SRT10 Ram. You can spend $1500-$2000 on bolt ons for the SRT10 Ram and get 50hp. To me, there wasn't anything "short" about the shifter in the SRT 10 Ram. At least not anything near the short throws of even my STOCK shifter in my 300ZXTT. That's the biggest problem with the SRT10 Ram and causes it to be slower than it actually should be. That's why I said with a much better shift kit it could take 3-5 tenths off it's abnormally high 1/4 mile time. While the Lightning does come in Automatic, it has a much better tranny IMO than the long throw six speed SRT10 Ram comes with. Afterall, the Lightning is ONLY a few tenths slower stock than the SRT10 Ram is in the 1/4 mile.

Honestly, I was never impressed with the power output from the Viper's HUGE V10. I mean come on, whe nit came out it made a WHOPPING 50hp/liter (400hp 8.0L V10). Then it got pumped up to a whopping 450hp (56.25hp/liter) and finally 500hp with 8.3L (60.25hp/liter). That doesn't impress me at all.

If they get 600hp from the same 8.3L V10 then that's a LITTLE better, nothing still impressive in my book (72.3hp/liter). Even the new 7.0L Z06 makes that hp/liter.

What is impressive to me is...

00-03 S2000 - 120hp/liter, 2.0L
97-01 Integra Type R - 109.5hp/liter, 1.8L
F430 - 111.6hp/liter, 4.3L
GT3 - 105.5hp/liter, 3.6L

Those are impressive, :2cents: .

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thanks thunderbird that was almost exactly what I tried to post 2 times in a row but it seems I can't quote someone and post. :screwy: My internet explorer then freezes adn I have to shut IE down.

posted by  Pythias

The higher in liters you go up the harder it is to make the same hp/lr because they cant rev as high. Too much heat.

If anyone can afford a SRT-10, I doubt price is anything theyre worried about. When it comes to trucks, what matters is where your company loyalty lies, not price.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Not true. While the SRT10 Ram is expensive it's not THAT expensive. A lot of people can afford it on pretty modest incomes ($60k-$80k/year). They can't afford those $24,000 and $43,000 forced induction upgrades though.

Everyone knows it's harder to make more power per liter but even with that size of an engine it SHOULD be making at least 600-700hp IMO. If BMW can build a 5.0L V10 engine with the SAME 500 horsepower then I think Dodge can do a bit better with an 8.3L V10 enigne. Maybe they should drop the OHV 2v theme and FINALLY catchup to the real world and go DOHC 4v. Albeit it would be a bit more heavy they could build a smaller motor and get MORE power. Watch when Honda's V10 comes out, it's going to be similar in size to the BMW and have about 500hp as well. It's not impossible to believe they should be getting a lot more power out of that 8.3L V10 than they are right now. Heck if F1 engines can get 900hp out of a N/A 3.0L V10 (Albeit they rev to 19,000 rpms and ARE i nfact race engines) the sky is the limit.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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