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Between 1999 and 2002, what differences were there between the SVT cobra and the GT? As far as I can tell, they're the same displacement, but the cobra is rated at higher HP.

And please give specifics if possible (valves open .024" more, downpipe is .5" thicker, etc.);

Any help is appreciated.

posted by  Godlaus


Oh, and IRS vs live axle.

posted by  ChrisV

IRS meaning idependent rear suspension?

posted by  99integra

That is correct. :thumbs:


posted by  theman352001

They actually were slightly different in displacement, but so little that it doesn't make a difference. Ford produced 3 different 4.6L blocks, color coded blue, yellow, red(?). Not so sure on the last one. The bores were different by, at most, a thousandth of an inch.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Any reasoning behind it? Or was it just 3 different plants?

So, why did they move to a DOHC system, were the rocker arms not reliable, or were there more valves?

And IRS vs. LRA doesn't really matter for me, I'm a practical straight line guy.

Anything else I should know about the cobras that I can't find on TSBs?

posted by  Godlaus

Ok, the Cobra engines were quite a bit different. Both were modular OHC 4.6 liters, but the Cobras got DOHC 4 valve heads, while the "regualar" cars were not 4 valve heads, and flowed worse. The Cobras got a slightly higher compression ratio, of course different cam lobe profiles, and a different exhaust, among other small things.

posted by  ChrisV

Would you say that it's worth the 4 grand more than the GT?

posted by  Godlaus

Yes, I would. But thats just me.

posted by  SlipKnoT

Can you tell me why?

posted by  Godlaus

It's worth more because it cost more, had more features, and fewer were made.

Kind of like asking why a '65 Shelby GT350 is worth more than a '65 Mustang K code fastback...

posted by  ChrisV

If I remember correctly, the Cobra also had a forged crank and beefed up rods...that baby was born to rev.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Come on man thats like asking why they moved from the 5.0 to the 4.6. I am just going off of what on the top of my head but 1 I believ the 4.6 was a smaller higher revving engine, although I believe 5.0 versus 4.6 GT 5.0 is better but the DOHC 4.6 found in the Cobra's is much superior. Of course Ford Combined these two to create a crate 4.6 DOHC bored out into a 5.0 DOHC engine, definitely the best engine of them all, but not price wise. Also in 97' and 98' Cobra's their stock power I believe was aroudn 300 hp and 300 torque while the GT's were around 215 HP and 285 torque, big difference.

posted by  Pythias

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