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Hi Im looking into purchasing a 1994 trans am.
I heard some horror stories froma friend about how they wall at 80mph and have horrid 0-60 times is there any truth to this at all? Would i truly be purchasing a performing car or just a rat racer

posted by  Aondor

I dunno about you but I like the rat racer look better, more of a 50's sleeper :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

I'd get it, LT-1 power baby.

Low to mid end is what high displacement American cars do best.

Its a great car. I'd buy it. Stock does 14 seconds flat 1/4 passes. Of course thunderbird will probably say it does low 13s.

posted by  PontiacFan27

No I wont. The LT1 F body cars did high 13s at best (13.7-13.8).

What was that dumbass comment for?

posted by  thunderbird1100


posted by  Pythias

For the STi comment. I've been reading through some of your other posts to, where you make the same type of comment for a 300ZX and I think an Integra.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Am I wrong to post 1/4 mile times I've actually seen? OR is this a magazine only forum? Oh wait, THAT'S right, you're the nOOb.

My personal 300ZXTT ran 13.70s bone stock. Those were my best e/t's. Definatley not up to the full potential of the car as I saw others doing mid 13s.

What do have such a huge problem with me posting ACTUAL 1/4 mile times i saw or DROVE?

If you are so desperately prying for "online proof" here are some results for the 90-96 Z32 (non turbo and twin turbo) by several magazines....

Notice even Car and Driver and Motortrend got 13.7/13.8 with a 300zxtt, and they dont push the car to its full extent.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hey i just bought a 1994 firebird formula lt1 m6 and i'll tell ya its FAST. Mine is stock and it'll smoke any of those hondas or mitsubishies running around. The only thing that i dont like is when you mash the peddal it spins out like crazy when your trying to take off. My top speeds right at 155 and it runs a 13.986 in the quarter.

Heres a really good site to learn stuff about the LT1 http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2682252#post2682252

posted by  83transam

Because an internet site or magazine is much more reliable for information than some anonymous person on a small car forum.

posted by  PontiacFan27

The internet is never a reliable source... you learn that quickly if you ever have/had to write a paper in college. "Internet Source" : Rip : "Do the paper over".

I never asked you to believe anything I say, I just put out the facts.

Plus did you not go to the beloved webpage I posted? Both car and driver and motor trend got 13.7-13.8 in a 300ZXTT...

posted by  thunderbird1100

Get the Trans Am. A friend of mine had a 96 Z-28 which is pretty much the same car. And he never had any trouble with his.

posted by  The_Dude

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