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Hey all.. New here, first post. Used to post on various Cutty Yahoo forums, which at this time seem to be dead. This sent me on a search, and well, here I am :)

Alternator on my car is shot. Though it hasn't been pulled and tested
yet at a shop/store, New battery in the ride, car running, voltmeter
says 11.9. All books data I'm aware of say it SHOULD be 12.5-14v..
So. As we all know, they pack way too much engine into way too small
'a space (hehe). Which is great when it's running, but sux when it
needs work.

Anyone here done a replacement of an alternator? How much work is
involved in it? Where do I begin? Most importantly, what has to come
off so I can get to it/get it out?

ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,


posted by  ExitRooster

Write up for 45 minute alt. swap (http://www.w-body.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30225)

Basically w-body.com has every detail you could possibly want to know about 1st gen w-body's. I suggest signing up if you have any questions or concerns.

posted by  Frequency101

you might want to add a "disconnecting the steering rack from the cradle" or "disconnecting the steering coupler from the rack" step to that write-up, b/c when you drop the cradle down like that, it's very easy for the steering coupler to pop out... :2cents:

posted by  dodger65

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