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hey folks, i gotta a quick question. when i replace a return line on the rack and pinion stering on a 2000 mustang how do i get all the air out of the lines? i havent replaced it yet so that is why im trying to get all of the information prior so i wont have problems. thanks for all of your help.

posted by  frizzal

it'll work itself out... just let it run a while before you go anywhere w/ it....

posted by  dodger65

thanks man. that is what i figured but im not familiar with it so i thought id ask.

posted by  frizzal

best way i found is have the front wheels off the ground top up the reservoir and fire it up, with little resistance on the wheels turn the steering wheel all the way from lock to lock about 8 billion times just dont hold it on the full left or full right position for longer than a couple seconds, it will probably foam a bit in the reservoir but should bleed out just fine, it's a ford so i suspect the pump will always be loud and noisey

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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