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I am looking for an American car, Pref. GM (My dad is a GM Auto Mech), to have as a project car. I would like something that would be able to fit a small block (350 or 383, I know they are the same size of block) w/ twin turbochargers (Banks has a package for them). I would also like some body modifacations to be possible to it (Such as hoods, feders, or even body kits) If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks in advanced,

PS - Do you think a 82-92 Firebird Trans Am (GM F-body right?) would be able to pack this under the hood?

posted by  VoRtEx-DeSiGn

Wow! There's only about three bazillion different GM cars that fit your requirements. You need to get it just a bit more specific. The only problem with fitting it in the third gen Fireturd or Crapmaro is going to be finding underhood space for the turbos. It can be done, but it's tight especially on a street car with A/C, P/S, etc.

posted by  vwhobo

I take it you'll want your engine to be fuel injected. I'd say go with a 94-96 chevy caprice. Try and get one of the excop cars, they have the LT1's. You can pick them up pretty cheap and there's plenty of room under the hood.

posted by  The_Dude

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