I made a custom intake.

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This is it fellas.

posted by  6000LE

Try www.imageshack.us

You cant show us a pic thats on ur computer. You need to host it.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Thanks I just got it before you typed the post. Take a look. Except it has a new K&N Filter

posted by  6000LE

I'm not sure if that sharp turn is too good though (remember--air doesn't take too good to sharp turns)...but it looks nice :clap:

posted by  chris_knows

Well it should sound and perform better than the stock airbox with the snorkel I have now anyhow. Only cost me $40 to make.

posted by  6000LE

No offense but that turn is pretty sharp... if I were you maybe I'd see what others say then possibly sell it for 50 dollars and make another... :2cents:

posted by  Pythias

I can just get another u-pipe. plus its just the angle that makes it look so. in reality, its pretty smooth. Il get more pix and post them for a more definite analysis.

posted by  6000LE

Well good for you having a shot. :thumbs: Let us know if it makes any difference.

posted by  Wally

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