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I have an 85 Tempo GL, 2.3L, TBI. The car will generally start, however during idle (hot or cold) I can see the fuel from the injector just stop. Sometimes it only stops for a second and the engine recovers, but mostly it just dies. The problem appears to be getting worse, as for the last couple days I have not been able to even start the car without pouring some gas straight into the TBI. During these times when it will not even start, there is no fuel coming out of the injector, however usually when I stop cranking (but leave the key turned on), the system will kick out a couple squirts.

So far I have replaced the fuel pump, injector, fuel filter, and TPS sensor.

My best guess is that a sensor somewhere is telling the computer that the engine is no longer running and therefore does not need any more gas. However I have no idea where such a sensor would be. Any help or more educated answers would be greatly appriciated!

posted by  shdwdrgn

Educated answer. Stop mindlessly replacing parts. It costs alot and doesn't accomplish anything.

Educated questions. Are there any codes present, if so what are they, is there any recent repair history that hasn't been mentioned?

posted by  vwhobo

No other repairs done in the last couple years, it's been running pretty good up until now.

Codes that I've seen during this process: 13, 14, 18, 23, 32, and 58. I'll double-check when I get home, but I believe that's all of them.

posted by  shdwdrgn

Thats quite a bit of codes.

posted by  PontiacFan27

All right, here's the breakdown:

13 - RPM out of spec (how it knows this when the car won't start is beyond me)
14 - PIP was erratic (not certain what this means)
18 - no tach (that is correct)
23 - TPS out of range (I tried replacing the TPS and got the same code)
32 - EGR not controlling (again not certain)
58 - Idle tracking switch input too high (this only comes up after the engine runs)

There were also a couple of occasions where I saw (while running) a code 36 - Fuel always lean at idle. And when the car has been sitting overnight, the first time I turn it on I always get a code 11 - System pass.

posted by  shdwdrgn

Finally found the problem today. Was running the engine when it completely died and wouldn't start up again. After some checking, I found I had no spark. Starting testing the ignition and found some bad resistances on the ignition module, which also puts out the PIP signal (ah-ha! Error code 12!).

Took the module down to the parts store where they put it on the tester and prounced it completely functional and definitely NOT the cause of my problem. Well not being one to automatically believe anyone, I asked for a meter and checked the readings across the pins again. Now everything checked out within spec?!? I decided that since my problem has been so frustratingly intermittant, I would go ahead and buy the new part anyway. Took it home, hooked everything up, and the car fired right off. Went for a test-drive, and except for running sluggish (I forgot to adjust the timing after dropping the distributor back in), it ran just fine and never once tried to cut out.

posted by  shdwdrgn

Good job. Tip for the future. Whenever you take a module in to be tested also take a hair blow dryer. Sometimes a module will test good cold and when you warm it up it's crap.

posted by  vwhobo

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