i got a few qestions about a 4l60e

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what will this tranny all fit i have a 97 gmc sonoma with that 4l60e with a supercharged 4.3 vortec and the trann went and i was told that a chevy 1/2 will bolt right in and stuff but what years will work my trucks a 2 wheel drive as is the 1/2 ton i found but i aint pullin it out till i know its gunna work so ya let me know

posted by  big_stick_83

I think I speak for everyone who reads this when I ask... HUH?

posted by  vwhobo

unless you know enough to post intelligenty phrased questions, and can answer the one you posted, you should put another 4l60e in there... :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

there is not the slightest bit or punctuation in that whole frikking post. PERIOD

posted by  Stem

a two wheel drive 1/2 chevy has the same 4l60e or so ive read i'm not sure if it will work thats what i wanna know and what year it has to come out of cuz i'm not sure if the housing is the same and if the electronic crap is the same...

posted by  big_stick_83

Let me restate what I said in an earlier post;

Try it one more time using English and punctuation.

posted by  vwhobo

its not that tough of a question but nevermind i'll ask ppl that have a brain later

posted by  big_stick_83

Are you sure you have a 4L60 in your sonoma? I didn't think they put those transmissions in those small trucks. The 4L60e is just an upgraded 700R4 transmission, just built a little stronger and more electronics involved. But as far as I know all 4L60E's are the same so you shouldn't have any problem bolting it in.

posted by  The_Dude

i m sure its a 4l60e and yeah i know the 700r4 will bolt up but what a about the dummy lighti know thats gunna go apeshit i really doubt that a 700r4 will have the same electronics in it if they have ne im a ford guy i dont know much bout chevys

posted by  big_stick_83

:doh: dude those morons that are confused about what you wrote don't know a thing about cars/trucks. they only know what a 350 chevy means or Hemi. thats it. the only problem you are goin to have with the 1/2 ton tranny 4l60e, is the shift linkage set up. the 4l60E tranny is junk and yes the 700r4 is a better tranny but thats going to mess up a lot of things that take a lot of time if u swap. seriously find the right tranny thats meant to in there but remeber to replace torque converter with a new one or u'll be doing this again a year from now. i recommend doing a tranny fluch and gasket at least 30,000 miles unless u race it, then 20,000 miles and try using 1bottle of LUBEGAURD with the new tranny, but only one!!!! any questions napaman2486@aol.com

posted by  napaman2486

You are pissing me off :ticking:

posted by  99integra

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