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Hey im mike and im kinda of interested in pontiac fieros. i think theyre really kool and seem fun. I now drive a ford bronco and im kinda hungry for something a little smaller and sporty and i think a fiero would feed that hunger. Please give me some insight and if you know anyone that is selling one! thanx!

posted by  getrdonestr8

I like them, and love the potential they have. An example from another board I frequent:

L98 TPI motor from a Corvette, Bored .030 over, balanced and blueprinted, 2.02/1.60 valves, multi-angle valve work, port work on the stock heads, port matched to the intake. Intake, cam and PROM from TPIS. So the car really does have an L98 Tuned Port motor, but it looks like an LT1.

Brakes -- 12" brakes from a 1991 Corvette. Stock calipers, Baer Eradispeed 2 pc rotors

Rear Suspension -- Added the multilink rear suspension from the 88 Fiero, converted the rear struts to Koni yellow inserts and homebrew coilovers.
Rear spring rate is 400#.

Front Suspension -- RCC tubular upper/lower control arms, lowering spindles, Carrera coilovers with 350# springs.

Cool car, though I'd use a different color combo were it my project.

posted by  ChrisV

It is sooo nice :drool:

posted by  Sgt. Pepper

Yeah they look nice, the first pic that chrisv put up remines me of a series 5 rx7.

posted by  GreekWarrior

It's a great car, especially if modded to the way that ChrisV's pic is :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Yep, nice car in those pics. I've always like fieros, but people tell me they don't run very well...always in the shop but I dunno if thats true.

posted by  Vlad

Unfortunatly, Out of all the fieros my family and friends has ever owned, they have all gone to the shop often. Most of the Fieros were bought new. It may be different in some cases with some people. But, any car that is treated right and maintained properly, it would have little to no problem when it comes to reliablity. I have to agree with chris_knows when he says that it would look awesome if tricked out the way Chris V has it.

posted by  Leebal

Theyre alright. I'm not a Fiero fan.

posted by  PontiacFan27

But you're a Pontiac Fan? :screwy:

posted by  Sgt. Pepper

Yeah. Thats just one of the Pontiacs that never did it for me. A little too boxy for 2 seater imo. I dont care for the 90 degree angled interior edges neither.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I love mine.
Yes a modded Fiero can see a lot of shop time. A stock one if taken care of may never need to see your mechanic.
Mine would never see a mechanic if it wasn’t for learning to drive a stick on it.
But over all I say great car especially if you can find one with a V8 swap or a 3800SC swap.
I opted for the V8. And every day I pray gas prices will drop another penny. :D
Oh by the way these are definitely one of the most upgradeable and customizable cars on the planet.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Ah point taken

posted by  Sgt. Pepper

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