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My 99 grand prix alarm is constantly triggering when no one is even near the car. This is the stock, manufacturered system mind you, not an after market, super sensitive one. This all of a sudden started happening 2 nights ago and early this morning it was going off every 5-10 minutes, sometimes even less than 5. I need to be able to lock my car, but can't because of this problem. Is there something I can easily check for to attempt to solve this problem, or at least something i can disconnect to disable the alarm so I am able to actually lock my car?

posted by  jeranamo

Well, how about you get another damn car! No seriously, it could be faulty connectors that are probobly over stripped causing false triggers. In some cars, disconnecting the car may not enable you to lock the car, but for your car is most likely. Here, have some of my homemade cookies: :fu:

posted by  Rudeman

has it got motion sensor(s), vibration sensor(s) or what?

posted by  windsonian

Is that supposed to insult anyone?

posted by  PontiacFan27

The guy just likes making cookies :laughing:

I'm thinking you should get a new alarm...

posted by  chris_knows

Not necessarily. Odds are it's probably just a dodgy sensor, or connection for a sensor. Replacing this is probably much cheaper than replacing (and installing) the whole system.

posted by  windsonian

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