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Hello, i have a couple questions oh blown engines.

What causes an engine to blow?
What happens to an engine when it is blown?
What needs to be replaced to fix a blown engine?


posted by  Kris

1. Any number of things from no oil to overheating to being run to death.

2. It breaks. Again, any number of things.

3. It all depends on what's broken.

What is the point of your questioning session, assuming there is one?

posted by  vwhobo

No i am not assuming i have blown an engine, its that i just saw a mustang with a supercharger running 600hp and when he was racing on the highway he blew the engine it just stoped and oil was leaking liek crazy so i was just wondering what caused that.

posted by  Kris

he threw a rod through the side of the block, i saw that clip. :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

Certainly sounds like a leg out of bed.

posted by  Wally

WOW how did that happen?? How can a rod go out through the block was it too much horespower for the rod to handle? what happend?

posted by  Kris

Well, when you apply too much pressure to the top of the piston, or you spin the engine too fast (or a combination of the two), the rod can either buckle under the pressure or stretch due to the acceleration of the piston. Once either of these happen, the integrity of the rod is compromised and all bets are off. Rods can either snap in half (then they are not constrained and where the broken end of the rod goes.... sometimes through the block), or they can be bent in any number of interesting shapes. This is the reason people upgrade the connecting rods when they're building a high performance motor.

posted by  Bino

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