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Hi, i just wanted to know what is and f body i know it refers to camaros and firebirds but why do the call them f bodies? Is mustang an f body?

posted by  Kris

No, F-body is the code GM gave to cars built on the chassis that the Camaro and Firebird are built on. Just like the J-body is the Cavalier and Sunfire, and the Y-body is the Corvette.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Mustangs are fox bodies.

posted by  Frequency101

not quite...

mustangs of certain years were fox bodies... but not all mustangs are fox bodies. i cant tell you exactly what years, but i'm sure someone else can (and will.)

posted by  pik_d

wht year were the fox bodied mustangs with the 5.0 liter

posted by  Stem

78-93... anyone want to confirm or correct? :wink2: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

5.0 through '95.

posted by  vwhobo

I was just thinking that the mustangs he was reffering to were the fox body mustangs simply because it contains the letter "f"...When I was young I used to think the same thing.

posted by  Frequency101

The fox body platform ran from '78-'04. The mustang joined the fox platform in '79 and had the 302 in '79(optionally, standard was the 255) then it went on hiatus during '80 and '81 and became standard in GT models in '82(with only a 2-barrel carb) with the 255 being the optional(GL package). In '83 it was standard with a 4-barrel carb. During '84 and '85 the standard GT engine was equipped with a 4-barrel carb, with Central Fuel Injection as an option, and in '86, sequential fuel injection was all you could get, and it changed the 5.0 world.

In '94 the Fox platform changed slightly, it was reffered to as the Fox-4 platform because it was the fourth generation fox...'79-'81, '82-86, '87-'93, then the '94-'98. '99-'04 Mustangs were reffered to as "new edge" mustangs but were still on the Fox-4 platform. The '05 stangs share the LS platform dubbed S197.

Does that answer your question?

posted by  Sick88Tbird

The LS rides on the DEW chassis, and the '05 Mustang is not the same as that one. Originally it was going to be a version of the DEW, dubbed DEW-Lite, but that was scrapped early on in the development cycle. (many publications still said it was a shortened DEW, but considering all the hardpoints are different, and none of the suspension is the same as the LS or T-bird, it's pretty obvious that the early conversations have had more lasting power than the actual chassis did)

The previous Mustang (back to 1994) rode on the SN95 chassis which was, as you said, a heavily modded version of the Fox platform (hardpoints were the same, though no actual stampings interchanged).

The '05 is actually the first Mustang that hasn't shared it's chassis with another car in Ford's lineup (the first Mustang was, of course, a reskinned Falcon)

posted by  ChrisV

The 94 Mustang shared the body of the 95-99s, it just had the 5.0L

posted by  PontiacFan27

...? So did the 95. 1995 5.0, last year of the 5.0's.

posted by  Pythias

Very good point ChrisV...I neglected to say that it was a heavily modified version of the DEW chassis...they only share a few design qualities, but no hardpoints as you had mentioned. "Fox-4" was more like slang terminology, I couldn't remember the SN95 moniker off the top of my head at that moment, Thanks.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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