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Ok, I just got a 2001 saturn sc2... (go ahead laugh, but it was a steal, I think) So anyway, it idles at about 2000 rpms when it origianlly was about 1. If i have it in 2nd gear i don't even need to give it gas, it jus keeps on going... even up hill :P

If I put it in neutral or push in the clutch the RPMs won't drop back to 1000 untill 1 or 2 seconds after i come to a complete stop. feel free to laugh I sure as hell don't know what to do :) if only cars were as simple as computers.

posted by  niicciin

Could be the timing

posted by  99integra

If it was the timing wouldn't it still idle high when i'm completly stopped?

posted by  niicciin

I'm gonna let someone else answer that one

posted by  99integra

my ranger did almost the samething. I would say try putting some WD-40 on the throttle body and try to spray the throttle cable itself so the fluid will get up in the casing of the cable.. this is just my :2cents:

posted by  Caddyranger9190

well I tried a little WD and nothing... BUT! just went and filled up my tank and added seafoam... gotta love seafoam. well thanks everyone for your input... cheers

posted by  niicciin

:screwy: Spraying wd40 is just going to make it worse. oil attracts dirt thats what wd does.. first thing i would check would be vaccuum line and intake gaskets. what u do is go purchase a can of starting fluid from any auto supply store like NAPA!!! then what you do is let your engine cool off to where its only warm to the touch. start the saturn again and spray the sarting fluid around the intake manifold and vaccuum lines. your RPM's will fluctuate if u have a leak in the air system. if RPM's do not change i would recommend bring it in for a diagnostic because being an OBDII ( On Board Diagnostic verII ) system 96 and above vehicle it could be a million things. but on the plus side when they scan ur vehicle they most likely will pin point your problem, u gotta love computers these days!!! unless u beat the crap outta the car its going to end up being a sensor of some sort. oh also, when ur coolant temp sensor fails it tells your computer that the engine temp is 22 degrees when really its close to 185 degrees. so that means it's lieing to ur computer and telling it to feed ur engine more fuel than u need? just a thought. any questions

posted by  napaman2486

I take it you are an employee of sorts from a company called NAPA?

posted by  Wally

at least in our town, NAPA stands for


:wink2: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

I would inspect the TB visually just to make sure the plate is closing all the way.

posted by  TokyoJoe

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